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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Radiant Rainforest - Nestled in between the southern and eastern docks is a lush jungle, filled with tall trees, fanning ferns, verdant vines and rambling routes between them. Grass and Bug Pokémon live in harmony in the canopy and brush alike. The climate is a bit humid but never too hot, and a constant rain falls over the forest, but the sun will shine through, casting rainbows over the foliage at nearly every moment! Please use mediumspringgreen.
The pleasant rainforest was abundant with noise and life, the local wildlife clearly enjoying themselves. The chatter was silenced quickly, however, as Caeda swooped down to land, allowing her passenger to disembark. "Next time, we take the ferry." said Kaitlyn, the Petilil having clearly not enjoyed the flight and was looking a paler shade of green than usual. "Well, I can't help it if flight's not for everyone, but Liawe said we're supposed to be looking for treasures and whatnot, so I figured flying in would be quicker than some boring old boat." replied Caeda, the Skarmory's wings glistening in the sunlight. "...Never mind. We'll take the boat home anyway, flying with all this stuff we're going to find might be a hassle. sighed the Grass type, her body slowly returning to its natural color. Speaking of hassles, where the hell is Hope?"

Kaitlyn's question was answered, as the Shuppet slid on out of the shadows, tapping the Petilil on the back. "Boop!" chuckled the Shuppet, as she made her presence known. Jolting, the little Petilil span around with a shriek that would probably have scared off any wildlife that had remained when Caeda landed. "DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!" she yelled, before regaining her composure. Caeda chuckled softly to herself, before addressing the two companions she'd been landed with for this misadventure. "Right then, so we've been tasked with finding some items for Liawe. We've got two days, so I say we make the mosty of our time and get hunting. Shall we?" She finished the speech by extending a wing, and with the Shuppet and Petilil in tow, the Skarmory headed deeper into the rainforest in search of goodies.
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