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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Vivacious Village - A happy hamlet built by native Pokémon, consisting mostly of clay and thatch huts, lying just north of the southern dock. These huts dot the southern foothills of the mountain peak in the middle of the island. Normal-typed Pokémon favor dwelling in the hills, while Pokémon living in center of the village closer to the dock tend are a bit rougher. The village square doubles as a sort of an arena for local Fighting Pokémon to engage in sparring matches or training. Please use sandybrown.
Shoftly after Jess returned from her venture to the Springtide Isle (and a brief trip to the newly renovated Global Trade Station), Jess stopped by the Pokémon Center to give her new teammate a quick check-up. After Nurse Joy determined the hatchling was indeed healthy and hearty, Jess thanked her and was about to leave the lobby when another flyer caught her eye. Picking up the pamphlet, she flipped through to find tell of another island invitation, this time to an exotic land long untouched by humans. Only Pokémon were permitted to set foot on its paradise shores, declared a nature preserve and heavily protected by the new Fizzytopian government.

What drew Jessica's attention though was the image on the brochure's cover, of a luxury liner sailing bold before the island, which spewed forth a cloud of volcanic ash (despite mild signs of activity, it was assured that danger hadn't erupted in eons, and that safeguard measures were in place for rapid evacuation if necessary), mixing with the trails of steam billowing behind the boat in the background. According to the advertisement, while Pokémon could be granted two-day access for a visit, trainers were taken on a comfortable cruise to relax and mingle in the meantime. Despite her distrust of man-made maritime vessels, Jess reflected on the fond memory of meeting a kindred spirit who shared her love of Corsola aboard one such craft, and a wistful sigh escaped her lips. Perhaps it would be nice to take a bit of a break...

Pocketing the promotion, she headed back to her Base to introduce Zoom to her new family, as well as show them the bulletin to see if any were interested. Kief's ears immediately perked up at the mention of the excursion's main attraction: Treasure. Upon seeing the Zigzagoon bound up and bark eagerly in excitement, a keen gleam glinted in Minchi's own eye as she pulled Kanna aside.

"This is your chance, Kan! You should totes go with him!"

"Wh- wha? Just the two of us?"

"Of course! Think about it: It's the perfect opportunity! The two of you, all alone on a deserted tropical island... It's the stuff romance novels are made out of!"

"Eh- ehhhh?! I- I wasn't thinking of anything like that... And besides the island isn't deserted..."

She mumbled the last part lamely, although Minchi wasn't listening. Instead she clapped her Furret friend on the shoulders, who was blushing more and more furiously by the minute.

"It'll be like that movie we saw the other day! I bet once you two are in that kind of environment, even Kief will realize he can't escape the 'unscratchable itch'!

She winked, and Kanna wilted as she glanced over at Kief in defeat (who was indeead now scratching behind his ear). He sensed her staring, and grinned widely back, making her heart skip a beat.

"W- well... I suppose it might be nice to get out for a bit..."

She murmured as she poked her paws together, shyly lowering her flushed face to hide a small smile...


..."You just had to bring the kid along, didn't you?"

Minchi rolled her eyes as she watched Kief and Yufi yipping as they chased each other in circles around Jess's feet, running up and down the deck with boundless energy and bumping into other passengers. Kanna declined her head apologetically.

"She stowed away in Jess's bag... There was nothing I could do..."

The Minccino sighed. "It's not your fault, you don't need to say sorry. So much for a 'private romantic getaway' though."

Kanna shrugged, not too bothered by the fact that the younger Zigzagoon's presence had saved her from the pressure of meeting the meddling matchmaker's high expectations. ...Although truth be told, perhaps she did feel a slight pang of disappointment at losing the prospect of privacy... On the other hand, it looked like the party had gained an aspect of "piracy", as Kief was sporting a bandana instead of his regular Team Pocket hat, his a red with Yufi's a matching blue (provided courtesy of Iris in preparation for the expedition). She beamed as she watched the duo spar and tussle with each other, rolling around in ecstasy. Regardless of intent or unanticipated surprises, she was sure this would be a fun outing regardless, so long as she was with her trusted companions.

Of course, her other close comrade determined to stay behind, only coming to see her gal pal off at the dock. (As tempted as she was to tag along in order to take some pictures of their da- er, offer moral support.)

"Bye, Kan! You can do it, girl! Have fun~"

Kanna winced as Minchi whistled and gave her a paws-up, while Jess waved farewell as the ship steered away, vanishing into the distance. The remaining trio stood on the southern beach, Kief already sniffing the sand in search of any buried trinkets as Yufi mimicked the same motion. Kanna looked inland, and saw the roofs of thatch huts amongst the trees. Admittedly curious to see what kind of civilization the native species had built here (despite her usual social reservation), she cautiously tapped Kief and pointed towards the village.

"Hey, look- there are houses over there. Shall we go take a look?"

Kief cocked his head, then wagged his tail and nodded in agreement, gallantly leading the group into the grove, in order to explore the unknown...
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