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Bubbling Beach - On the coast between the southern and western dock is a sunny beach with pristine white sands and crashing waves - ideal for a summery vacation! But, this beach has more than just sun and fun; it's the ideal relaxation spot. Just beyond the dunes are a number of volcanic hot springs that overlook the sparkling seas. Despite their rather opposed nature, both Water and Fire Pokémon gather here to take full advantage of the mineral-rich (and slightly salty) springs. Some hotter Pokémon even enjoy the pools of bubbling magma interspersed with the watery ones! Please use deepskyblue.
Dreamer | Sebastian | Peaches

The most recently arrived batch of adventurous Pokémon made their way along the docks to disperse throughout the area, each one filled with the anticipation of new discoveries and friendships to be made. In the end, only a trio of stragglers remained. Two were looking around, taking in the sights as best they could from their current location. The third, however, was staring at the ship as it disappeared into the distance.

"Come back," the Espeon wailed. "Don't leave me here like this."

The Mudkip frowned. "I feel somewhat offended, I think."

Meanwhile, the Pichu flopped down on her belly, straining her stubby arms in an effort to put her paws into the ocean water. She wriggled further and further, gradually placing more of her body over the edge of the dock, until-

Dreamer grabbed the Pichu by the scruff of her neck, hauling her back up onto her feet an instant before the tiny mouse went tumbling into the waves below. Edging back only a couple of inches, Dreamer gave Peaches a stern glare.

"This is exactly the sort of thing I was afraid of," she huffed. "You can't get all wounded by me not wanting to be here with you two when this one is already this close to drifting out to sea."

"It wasn't my fault," replied Sebastian calmly. "Besides, she's just a child. She wants to play. If you would stop being so petulant-"

"Me? This wasn't my idea! Why would ABL possibly think it would be beneficial to send us out here... probably only to die of exposure, or starvation..."

Sebastian suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. "You know we're here to foster team-building. And collect some useful items, ideally. Now could we please get moving?"

Dreamer heaved a deep, stage-worthy sigh. "I suppose," she said, still looking miserable.

Gently, Sebastian nudged Peaches to get her walking in the right direction. They made their way down through the sands of Bubbling Beach, where other travellers were relaxing and soaking up the pleasant atmosphere. Peaches saw a couple of Seel batting a beach ball between themselves and giggled with delight. This was her first big trip out with the older Pokémon and everything looked like it could lead to a great game! Fortunately, Sebastian kept an eye on the Pichu as they made their way along the beach, making sure she didn't stray too far.

Onlookers wouldn't have expected it from the heavy way the Espeon trudged along, but the feline was able to make a very graceful leap to the top of a rocky ridge. From her new vantage point, she surveyed the team's surroundings, her whiskers twitching. She sniffed.

"Still doesn't look like much," she muttered. "None of us can very well splash around in lava, and those hot springs are about the only thing that could be worse than that." She shuddered at the idea of getting her luxurious coat wet. "There's nothing to do here."

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