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The bubbling of the nearby stream was a lovely backdrop to your afternoon picnic. With Galea Town and its inhabitants behind you, and Mt. Zephyria towering overhead, you and your new partner felt a grand sense of adventure.

As you and many other travelers knew, the road ahead to the trials was not simple. Looking at the calm river beside you, though, it was hard to feel stressed or anxious about what lay ahead. The river wound lazily across the plains, with a dock placed here and there for fishing or boating. In fact, you noticed a shack up ahead on the trail. It wasn't anything flashy, and seemed to just be a few boards and pieces of tin fashioned together into something that managed to stand. Outside of it floated a couple of boats, who had also seen better days. A sandwich board outside the shack read "BAIT FOR SALE" in a messy scrawl. To some, this was a bit too sketchy of a location to investigate, but could seem charming to others.

On the other bank was a patch of soft grass, another ideal spot for picnicking. You saw a few couples and young families enjoying themselves on checkered blankets, Pokemon relaxing with them as well. A child giggled as he was chased by a grinning Aipom near the water's edge. Although a peaceful scene, it still looked interesting enough, as you never knew what the locals in the area had to say. You could see your Mareanie eyeing some of the food peaking out of the several picnic baskets seated next to their owners.


The Garden was a regular spot for those looking to familiarize themselves with the area. Many trainers found themselves wandering through the tall hedges, admiring the view and almost constant good weather.

It's always strange to be among new friends for the first time. Although you know you have a lot in common, you are still getting used to each other. It was the same with Pokemon you recently started to use. You know they were happy to journey with you, but you weren't too familiar with each other's personalities, likes, and dislikes. The garden was often bustling with tourists, snapping pictures of the sculpted hedges, and it was hard to not have a good time whilst exploring it.

The Pokemon by your side seemed to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Garden as much as you did. Not to mention the smells. There was a distinct odor of roses, and both your Sandshrew and Nidorina had their noses in the air, taking it in. You noticed, strangely, that they were both fixated towards a particular direction. Even more strange, was the floating pink mist you observed. Almost like a cartoon, the mist wafted towards you and your Pokemon and filled your nose with its scent. Part of you felt drawn to this Aromatherapeutic scent.

However, there was plenty more to explore in the Rose Garden. You had taken note on your way in of several signs advertising the many species of roses the garden had to offer. A sign nearby boasted that the Garden's hedge maze was the "Largest in Fizzytopia", a statement you wondered was actually true or not.

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