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Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oublié


There is a sadness which permeates every inch of the cemetery, as if the very soil mourns for the souls interred inside. It creeps into your cones and saturates Iskra; the Shuppet seems to thrive on the misery endemic to this place, flitting about like a young jaybird from place to place as she chases succulent sorrows through the fog. The irony is rich as you appreciate her happiness at the expense of all those who never found peace, but then, the world is hardly fair, is it?

The late evening is cold, and damp. Moss grows on the aging mausoleums. Iskra follows something tantalizing through the branches of a dead Apricorn tree, twisting and winding her way up the gnarled limbs in a meandering, eerie corkscrew. Briefly, you wonder if this is the fabled tree where the lovers took their lives; it's huge, but so are so many. Iskra drifts away from it, now bored; perhaps not. You can't see the sun through the clouds and fog, but you know it couldn't have set yet, as it's neither late nor dark enough. A chilly breeze cuts through the area, catching you off guard. Despite the wind, everything is paradoxically still. You walk slowly, keeping an eye on Iskra.

Passing by a remarkably well-kept crypt -- relative to its peers -- a flash of white catches your attention from your periphery. No, two flashes of white. The first is a paper envelope, pinned with a mental tack to the wooden tomb door. "DUKE" is written on it in bold block print. It seems a dead man shares a name with you. It looks fresh, not yet spoiled by the damp. The other is a paper doll hanging from a nearby tree; a teru teru bōzu. Perhaps someone has grown weary of this dreary weather. It's made of fine white linen, and also looks freshly placed; as soon as Iskra takes sight of it, she becomes curiously incensed, circling it with great enthusiasm. Perhaps she likes the novelty of seeing her own likeness in a doll?

What will you do?

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