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"I knew this would be a busy day, but my, look at all those who dropped by!"

It was the grand relaunch of gouvernement-funded "Fizzytopia Calendar" plan. Due to the political punch out, all systems previously put in place has gone through a revamp - some major, some not. Although a lot of things are still in the works here - namely the presents and some of the Pokémon birthdays themselves - the so-called "calendar" has now a brand-new face: instead of just a simple counter in the corner of a concrete bureaucratic building, it is now a colorful and spacious venue open for anyone who wants to celebrate their birthdays there. Things are more lenient, too, now that the rules has changed to be more flexible for the busy and well-traveled trainers.

Unfortunately though, some data has accidentally been lost within all the paperwork. But to my surprise, everyone isn't fretting over it; In fact, all those affected were all eager to simply re-register again! I was afraid that our new computers would've crashed by then with all those entries, but nay - in a stroke of luck (or perhaps of a skillful programmer), all systems are still going without issues! I couldn't be happier!

And on top on that, the cherry - or should I say the flower - on top, we have our first, post-reopening birthday to celebrate! A late arrival, taking advantage of the new rules, no less! I made sure the trainer and the birthday Roserade lady had the best room the establishment fit for them: one that is all plush green carpeting and blue walls and ceiling, and picnic tables and plants all around. One step in there, and you feel like getting a breath of sweet, fresh air from a field! I really do hope they have a grand day there!

Confirming the following Trainer Birthdays:
  • February 11th: PikaGod
  • March 12th: Schala
  • March 24th: Gemini Spark
  • May 7th: KamenAeons
  • May 8th: 134
  • May 22nd: Jerichi
  • July 7th: lilbluecorsola
  • July 10th: Whimsy
  • July 30th: morningstar
  • August 4th: Naruxami
  • August 6th: Connor
  • August 22nd: Missingno. Master, Muyotwo
  • August 29th: Ironthunder
  • September 1st: TheKnightsFury
  • September 15th: Heather
  • September 16th: uhhhhh, Lil'twick
  • October 2nd: Snorby
  • October 7th: Patches
  • October 3rd: Rotom310
  • October 8th: MedMana
  • October 10th: Mon1010
  • November 19th: Sandaa
  • December 10th: Sneaze
  • December 18th: Marion Ette
(I could confirm my own, but I don't want to be weird ^^;)

Aaaaaaaand confirming Pokémon's birthday presents for MM's Roserade Aria~

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