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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Incognito Isle

In one of the many Pokémon Centers throughout Fizzytopia, you come across a pamphlet. The cover prominently features a luxury cruise ship sailing past a volcanic island that dominates the background. The pamphlet describes a decadent two-day, Pokémon-free cruise, perfect for a weary trainer like yourself, with luxuriant amenities and fun diversions. However, it seems to dedicate a even more space to what it calls a "mysterious adventure for your Pokémon!" It reads:

"An isolated little island far off the coast of the Fizzytopia mainland, the Incognito Isle was long unknown to humans. This untouched land became a paradise for Pokémon, sitting on a volcanic hotspot, providing a rich environment for life on its south side, but also battered by harsh weather to the north that draws Pokémon more used to extreme environments. The island is said to be filled with strange and mysterious treasures, but the Fizzytopian government has declared it a nature preserve, not allowing a single human step foot on its shores. They have, however, allowed for trainers to let their Pokémon explore the island and interact with its native population in order to uncover some of the treasures within.

Our ships run from Fizzytopia on a regular basis, making the trip out to the island and stopping at each of the four docks at each cardinal point of the island, before taking the trainers on a two-day tropical cruise. Trainers who wish to let their Pokémon have a little fresh air and freedom can drop off up to three Pokémon at one dock and allow them to venture out and explore until they return. Each Pokémon is given an Adventure Badge, allowing their trainer and Preserve Staff (stationed offshore on a ship that patrols the area) to keep an eye on them and make sure nothing bad becomes of them. Your team will also be given a special Treasure Bag, allowing them to handle and store any treasure they might come across safely to return back to you (and to prevent any surprise evolutions)! The Pokémon who inhabit the island are rather friendly, and if your Pokémon give them a helping hand or accompany them on a little adventure, they might be rewarded with a fun prize or stumble upon something rare!"

Below, you find a list of areas enumerated by the pamphlet for your Pokémon's exploration...

Starlight Summit - A path that cuts across the island from north to south leads up to the mountain's peak. The volcano, no longer active, has left a small indent at the apex, creating a shelter from the rest of the island and the clouds that hang over the other parts that is perfect for watching the stars. An almost cosmic energy seems to flood this place, attracting Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokémon who are naturally drawn to the influence of the stars. Please use gold.
"Woo-hoo!" cheered the first of the trio off the ship. "Starlight Summit, here we come!"

The Pokémon to exclaim such things, this self-proclaimed leader of this improvised exploration team, was, by all appearances, a sentient single serving of cotton candy. While he possessed feet, they were currently concealed by his fluffy, sticky fur as he hovered a little ways off the ground, only his tail protruding as he did so. Cotton the Swirlix was hyped up for the exploration to come.

"Why do you get to be the leader?" demanded one of the two Pokémon coming up behind him. Indeed, Chromium the Smeargle was looking rather disgruntled that one so perfect as herself wasn't immediately the first choice for leading this expedition.

"Why not?" shrugged Cotton (well, he would've shrugged, had he any shoulders to shrug). "Besides, the Adventure Bag fits me best- look, look, it sticks right to my fur!"

"Yecch," remarked Chromium. "At least I could wear it without having to get it stuck on me."

"Oh, lighten up," chuckled the Swirlix. "If you don't like it, you didn't have to come along."

"Yeah, well, the Starlight Summit's supposed to have an incredible view," retorted the haughty Smeargle. "Such a stunning, secluded summit would surely be able to inspire my next masterpiece."

Before Cotton could respond to this, however, both the Swirlix and the Smeargle felt an oddly calming sensation. They turned to look- indeed, the third member of this little team had caught up. Tinnitus the Tympole, silent as ever, though in terms of the soundwaves he could generate by vibrating his cheeks, he was a regular chatterbox. Curiously, his soundwaves tended to reflect his current mood, and right now, both present teammates could tell that the Water-type was not only feeling calm and serene, but was also suggesting that the two of them could do with following his example.

Cotton grinned. "Right as always, Tinnitus," he said. "No sense in arguing when we're somewhere so awesome, yeah? C'mon, then- let's get going!" he exclaimed, leading the way onward. Chromium rolled her eyes, but as she somewhat grudgingly conceded that Tinnitus may have a valid point, she did nothing to further the argument. Tinnitus brought up the rear, flopping along as best he could. Someday he'd have legs, and land travel would come more easily to him. But it was all the same to Tinnitus- he wasn't in a hurry. His intent was to take his time and enjoy the journey, leave the worrying about the destination up to the self-appointed leader.

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