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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

The Galea Foothills:
Rose Garden: A colorful garden that has been beautifully maintained. Roses among maybe other kinds of flowers of all sorts of colors and shapes make this scenic area a must-see for those who have come to sightsee. The fragrant aroma has made this garden the home for a number of species of grass and bug type pokemon. (Please reply in springgreen)
Lillian stood at the edge of the Rose Garden, having come here with a specific purpose in mind; to lose herself among the flowers and relax. Her adventures in Bedlam Ridge had made her tense, and being around the wide variety of colors and scents would help to put her mind at ease. She would probably try to find a patch of flowers that were closer to a pastel color, however. Bright colors were kind of jarring to Lillian. She had Remilia come with her today, but this time, she needed Remilia in order to fight other Pokemon, which was something she figured she could do again since she had mostly recovered from her dosing of hallucinogens. Lillian wasn't sure if Remilia would ever really forgive Ffion for that...Lillian wasn't even sure if she could forgive Ffion.

"Do we really have to come somewhere with a bunch of flowers? I've found myself having a significant distaste for them as of late." Remilia said as she perched on top of Lillian's head. "I don't know. I've come to really like flowers myself. Lying in a field of so relaxing for me." Lillian smirked as she scratched Remilia's head. "If things were different on this trip, we could relax in the fields together you know. Just you and me." Lillian smiled before becoming stern again. "But right now you're the only one who can battle other Pokemon without the chance of losing a limb, so I'm relying on you Remilia." Remilia rolled her eyes briefly, before flying down in front of Lillian.

"So, what is your plan? Are you just going to lie in the flowers and just wait for something to come by? Or are you going to search for trouble?" Lillian smiled. "Honestly I'm done looking for trouble right now. Right now, I just want to find a nice patch of flowers, lay down, and maybe take a nap. All the stress has been building up in my shoulders and back lately." Lillian stretched herself out as to make a point. "Well I can tell you what's probably making that back pain Lillian." Remilia flicked her tongue out, causing Lillian to blush.

"Alright, let's go Remilia. We don't want to waste time talking about things like that do we?"
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