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Cordina Ocean: Most of the salt water surrounding the Minnao Isles is affectionately referred to as the Cordina Ocean by locals for the same famous priestess as Cordina’s Peak, and named so for it’s exotic name by settlers. Anyone with adequate skill on navigating the waters often makes money taking trainers out on the deep waters for simple fishing. Rare and interesting Pokemon are known to be drawn to the Isles, and this may be the best way to find migrating Pokemon from distant lands. Please respond in lightpink. This area is intended for Quick adventures.
Elka had never been fishing in her life. She had hardly left the house when she was a child, but now she had the opportunity to explore such a vast and beautiful land as Fizzytopia. She had bought a fishing rod upon arriving, assuming that she may at one point have some sort of chance to use it. Elka was determined to catch something in order to prove her worth as a fisherman... er, fisherwoman; as well as as a trainer. She had wanted to simply explore the islands, not paying much mind to the locals nor towards the ocean. She hated water, the thought of possibly having to swim for her life upon falling out was terrifying. She could hardly walk, how was she actually suppose to swim her way to the shore?

She approached the vast ocean from one of the many spots on the isle, she had not intended to explore it... but something about the beautiful crystal blue waters had caught her interest. She knew there was no point in going alone so she would have to find someone who would be willing to show her the way and lead her through the vast and beautiful waters. Her service Pokemon, Pascal, was holding her fishing rod in his mouth, trotting proudly in front of his trainer as she held onto his leash for dear life. She certainly wouldn't be hard to spot on her crutches, she stuck out like a fire in the middle of the forest. She glanced around, hoping a fisherman (or woman, no discrimination) would find her and guide her through the deep, beautiful ocean. Maybe teach her how to fish as well...

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