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Carbink Incognito Isle: Maiden Voyage - The Pokémon Only Treasure Hunt

Incognito Isle

In one of the many Pokémon Centers throughout Fizzytopia, you come across a pamphlet. The cover prominently features a luxury cruise ship sailing past a volcanic island that dominates the background. The pamphlet describes a decadent two-day, Pokémon-free cruise, perfect for a weary trainer like yourself, with luxuriant amenities and fun diversions. However, it seems to dedicate a even more space to what it calls a "mysterious adventure for your Pokémon!" It reads:

"An isolated little island far off the coast of the Fizzytopia mainland, the Incognito Isle was long unknown to humans. This untouched land became a paradise for Pokémon, sitting on a volcanic hotspot, providing a rich environment for life on its south side, but also battered by harsh weather to the north that draws Pokémon more used to extreme environments. The island is said to be filled with strange and mysterious treasures, but the Fizzytopian government has declared it a nature preserve, not allowing a single human step foot on its shores. They have, however, allowed for trainers to let their Pokémon explore the island and interact with its native population in order to uncover some of the treasures within.

Our ships run from Fizzytopia on a regular basis, making the trip out to the island and stopping at each of the four docks at each cardinal point of the island, before taking the trainers on a two-day tropical cruise. Trainers who wish to let their Pokémon have a little fresh air and freedom can drop off up to three Pokémon at one dock and allow them to venture out and explore until they return. Each Pokémon is given an Adventure Badge, allowing their trainer and Preserve Staff (stationed offshore on a ship that patrols the area) to keep an eye on them and make sure nothing bad becomes of them. Your team will also be given a special Treasure Bag, allowing them to handle and store any treasure they might come across safely to return back to you (and to prevent any surprise evolutions)! The Pokémon who inhabit the island are rather friendly, and if your Pokémon give them a helping hand or accompany them on a little adventure, they might be rewarded with a fun prize or stumble upon something rare!"

Below, you find a list of areas enumerated by the pamphlet for your Pokémon's exploration...

Vivacious Village - A happy hamlet built by native Pokémon, consisting mostly of clay and thatch huts, lying just north of the southern dock. These huts dot the southern foothills of the mountain peak in the middle of the island. Normal-typed Pokémon favor dwelling in the hills, while Pokémon living in center of the village closer to the dock tend are a bit rougher. The village square doubles as a sort of an arena for local Fighting Pokémon to engage in sparring matches or training. Please use sandybrown.

Bubbling Beach - On the coast between the southern and western dock is a sunny beach with pristine white sands and crashing waves - ideal for a summery vacation! But, this beach has more than just sun and fun; it's the ideal relaxation spot. Just beyond the dunes are a number of volcanic hot springs that overlook the sparkling seas. Despite their rather opposed nature, both Water and Fire Pokémon gather here to take full advantage of the mineral-rich (and slightly salty) springs. Some hotter Pokémon even enjoy the pools of bubbling magma interspersed with the watery ones! Please use deepskyblue.

Radiant Rainforest - Nestled in between the southern and eastern docks is a lush jungle, filled with tall trees, fanning ferns, verdant vines and rambling routes between them. Grass and Bug Pokémon live in harmony in the canopy and brush alike. The climate is a bit humid but never too hot, and a constant rain falls over the forest, but the sun will shine through, casting rainbows over the foliage at nearly every moment! Please use mediumspringgreen.

Withering Woods - Sitting just past where the island's volcanic rain shadow catches the clouds between the north and east docks is a temperate forest with towering trees atop jagged and uneven ground. Much drier (and darker) than its cousin to the south, this forest is a bit more mysterious. The plants here seem a bit more sinister, with some exotic species of flowers that ooze venomous sap tangled among the trunks. It tends to attract shadier types, particularly Poison and Dark Pokémon, who rather favor its shadowy nooks and toxic vegetation. Please use forestgreen.

Dancing Desert - A windy desert exists behind the volcano's rain shadow between the western and northern docks, running from the beach up to the base of the mountain. This desert gets its name from the shifting dunes that appear to dance in the winds and shift around the complicated, weathered rock formations that dot the area. Rock- and Ground-types favor this part of the island, enjoying the bright sun and dry climate, as well as the various crannies carved into the rock faces by the wind. Please use papaywhip.

Gale Gorge - A deep gorge is sliced into the side of the island just beyond the eastern dock, dropping dramatically from the side of the volcano in the center of the island. The faces of the gorge are steep and dramatic, but natural paths have been carved out by the winds that blow constantly down the center of the gorge. Flying Pokémon have made this gorge their home, perched on the outcroppings littering the walls. It's even said that some Dragon Pokémon occasionally visit these parts, at home in the stark but homey environs. Please use firebrick.

Frosty Fjord - Surrounding the western docks are tall cliffs that dip into the seas below. Due to the largely leeward positioning of these cliffs and the winds the long shadows they cast over the seas below, the area is a good bit colder than the rest of the island, but just cold enough to accommodate the average Ice-type without making most Pokémon too uncomfortable. Some claim these fjords to be haunted by the souls of those who have crashed against their rocky faces, and while these claims are unsubstantiated for the most part, Ghost Pokémon do seem to be attracted to the area, particularly to the occasional abandoned shipwrecks that can be found deep within the fjords... Please use azure.

Craggy Crater - A strange crater has been punched into the southern side of the mountain, possibly by some unknown impact in times immemorial. Whatever caused it left behind a great deal of iron, much of which is at least a little bit magnetized, and a lot of it in large, spiky chunks. The crater appears to be almost a sculpture gallery with the strange forms the iron formations take, some of which are occasionally altered by the iron-hungry Steel Pokémon that roam about. The minor electrical field caused by all the magnetism also attracts quite a few electric types, who enjoy the open, though somewhat harsh landscape that catches tropical thunderstorms from time to time. Please use cadetblue.

Starlight Summit - A path that cuts across the island from north to south leads up to the mountain's peak. The volcano, no longer active, has left a small indent at the apex, creating a shelter from the rest of the island and the clouds that hang over the other parts that is perfect for watching the stars. An almost cosmic energy seems to flood this place, attracting Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokémon who are naturally drawn to the influence of the stars. Please use gold.

Item Distribution List

Spoiler: show

Red Flute, Blue Flute, Yellow Flute, Black Flute, White Flute, Heart Scale, Red Apricorn, Yellow Apricorn, Pink Apricorn, White Apricorn, Green Apricorn, Blue Apricorn, Black Apricorn, Rare Candy (limit one per adventure!), Strange Souvenir

Vivacious Village

Evolution Items: Moon Stone, Dawn Stone, Oval Stone, Upgrade
Hold Items: Lucky Punch, Speed Powder, Silk Scarf, Black Belt, Full Incense, Luck Incense, Expert Belt, Muscle Band, Destiny Knot
Berries: Chople Berry, Chilan Berry, Starf Berry
Misc Items: Nugget, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Normal Gem, Fighting Gem

Bubbling Beach

Evolution Items: Fire Stone, Water Stone, Magmarizer, Kings' Rock, Deep Sea Scale, Deep Sea Tooth, Prism Scale, Dragon Scale
Hold Items: Charcoal, Mystic Water, Sea Incense, Wave Incense, Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Shell Bell
Berries: Occa Berry, Passho Berry, Liechi Berry
Misc Items: Pearl, Big Pearl, Water Gem, Fire Gem

Radiant Rainforest

Evolution Items: Leaf Stone, Sun Stone
Hold Items: Stick, Miracle Seed, Silver Powder, Rose Incense, Big Root, Absorb Bulb, Grassy Seed, Luminous Moss, Shed Shell
Berries: Rindo Berry, Tanga Berry, Ganlon Berry
Misc Items: Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Big Mushroom, Grass Gem, Bug Gem

Withering Woods

Evolution Items: Dusk Stone, Razor Claw, Dubious Disc
Hold Items: Blackglasses, Posion Barb, Grip Claw, Binding Band, Wise Glasses, Black Sludge, Bright Powder, Smoke Ball, Sticky Barb
Berries: Kebia Berry, Colbur Berry, Petaya Berry
Misc Items: Tiny Mushroom, Big Mushroom, Gold Leaf, Dark Gem, Poison Gem

Dancing Desert

Evolution Items: Sun Stone, Fire Stone, Protector, Razor Fang,
Hold Items: Thick Club, Soft Sand, Hard Stone, Rock Incense, Smooth Rock, Lagging Tail
Berries: Shuca Berry, Charta Berry, Salac Berry
Misc Items: Nugget, Stardust, Rare Bone, Rock Gem, Ground Gem

Gale Gorge

Evolution Items: Thunder Stone, Ice Stone, Dragon Scale, Prism Scale, Razor Fang
Hold Items: Sharp Beak, Dragon Fang, Quick Claw, Float Stone, Air Balloon
Berries: Coba Berry, Haban Berry, Apicot Berry
Misc Items: Pretty Wing, Stardust, Flying Gem, Dragon Gem

Frosty Fjord

Evolution Items: Dusk Stone, Ice Stone, Reaper Cloth, Razor Claw
Hold Items: Nevermelt Ice, Spell Tag, Icy Rock, Leftovers, Snowball
Berries: Yache Berry, Kasib Berry, Jaboca Berry
Misc: Big Pearl, Pearl, Ice Gem, Ghost Gem

Craggy Crater

Evolution Items: Thunder Stone, Up-Grade, Dubious Disc, Electrizier, Metal Coat
Hold Items: Light Ball, Magnet, Cell Battery, Electric Seed, Iron Ball
Berries: Wacan Berry, Babiri Berry, Rowap Berry
Misc Items: Nugget, Electric Gem, Steel Gem

Starlight Summit

Evolution Items: Moon Stone, Shiny Stone, Sachet, Whipped Dream
Hold Items: Pink Bow, Polkadot Bow, Twisted Spoon, Lax Incense, Odd Incense, Pure Incense, Light Clay, Terrain Extender, Psychic Seed, Misty Seed
Berries: Payapa Berry, Roseli Berry, Cusap Berry
Misc Items: Star Piece, Psychic Gem, Fairy Gem

Rules and Regulations

For Adventurers
⁂ You may send between one and three Pokémon into the zone - no trainers! It is recommended to send at least two!
⁂ You may have only one adventure at a time, though there will be no limit on the frequency with which you may adventure in this zone for the time being.
⁂ As adventures only last two days (and one night), your Pokémon will only have time to adventure to up to two areas per adventure, so choose wisely! You can gather items from both if you wish.
⁂ You can leave the isle with 3-5 items (or less) - feel free to refuse anything you don't want.
⁂ It's best to not explicitly state what you're after, but bringing a Pokémon along that benefits from a certain item (and going to the area where it is found) is a good way to signal your intent!

For Updaters
⁂ This is a Free-For-All Zone, meaning anyone can update anyone and it will not count towards your adventure limit!
Adventures should be relatively short in length, and proportional to the reward given or sought. Evolution items might require a little more investment than just a regular adventure, for example, but feel free to take someone on a bit of a longer romp if they're not there for anything in particular.
Adventures should be rewarded with 3-5 items. Evolution items might be accompanied by two other goodies, while a more general adventure might collect five trinkets. It's up to you what exactly you reward, though, but please try to make it fairly proportional.
You can choose the items, but consider the Pokémon they bring! While you're not obligated to give out any particular items, if they bring a Pokémon that evolves via a Moon Stone and go to Starlight Summit, it might make sense to give them a Moon Stone.

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