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Shining Soul II
Picking up a GBA game in 2017 isn't strange at all! Last year during my second playthrough of the first Soul I started ta really *get* and like the game a whole lot! So diggin' around to find a copy of the sequel just had ta happen. Plus now I got the complete set of GBA Shining games!

7th Dragon III Code: VFD
- 29:49:00
Real solid rpg all the way through in which I was having fun almost the whole time. Thought the whole "dragons" can force their way into regular random battles was a cool thing! Props to 'em for having different regular battle music per era, an lotsa battle themes in general btw. Didn't care much for the art style or alot of the characters/dialogue luckily those didn't affect the fun factor. Also wow the story sure went strange places @[email protected]?

Yakuza 0
- 49:42:00
Being a prequel I had some bias against the story & new characters going in but nothing more. Both turned out good in the end but knowing you'll never see these new characters again still put something of a damper on it. I loved playing the game at its basics, the usual Yakuza game stuff. However this game was filled to the brim with "bloat" which sucked alot of fun away. When you lock upgrades to your characters battle abilities behind wait-to-play mini-games you've fucked up. Plus very little was done to address some of the series now archaic baggage like laggy dialogue boxes and mashing the ever loving heck outta buttons for various even non-battle related things. Also game was kinda up its own ass with "ha ha wouldn't it be crazy if this happened to you in the future" stuffs. All that said I'm to forgiving an can't stay all that mad at it, will totally replay in the future!
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