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Qyburn, his mind addled by the status assault he suffered the previous round, struggles to regain his bearings as Freida focuses her energy on bolstering her physical capabilities. Noticing his foe has bulked up a bit, the Muk tries to attack the gooey dragon, but fails to pull himself together entirely. Grinning at the incapacitated state of her foe, the Goodra approaches Qyburn with a glowing arm, intent on inflicting some major pain. With a snap of her arm, she slams the blob with earth-shattering force, tremors ripping through the arena in the wake of her strike. Muk groans in agony as his eyes clear, the pain returning him to his senses.

Qyburn took a massive hit this round, not looking so hot in terms of vitality. On the upside, he isn't confused anymore. Freida looks more or less the same, but wouldn't mind a breather.


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