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Knowledge Square: On the edge between the suburbs and downtown, Knowledge Square exists as the premier gathering point of academics and anyone interested in learning something new. Across the several blocks of Knowledge Square several popular museums exist, including the famed Fizzby Metropolitan Art Museum. If books are more your cup of tea, then you might rather visit the New Fizz Public Library – one of the largest libraries in the region – or possibly tour the University of Fizzy Bubbles. Lastly, at the heart of Knowledge Square sits the Pokémon Research Centre, where several famous professors and academics gather to share studies and give lectures. If you’re lucky, some might even be looking for some research help.

Schala stepped into Knowledge Square with a huge grin on her face. Even if she’d enjoyed her journey a lot more than she thought she would, nothing would change the fact that she was happiest with a book or twenty. The Library of New Fizz City was the biggest she’d ever laid eyes on, and she could barely contain her excitement.

While the other parts of Knowledge Square seemed interesting as well, and she would probably spend some time at the museums and maybe tour the university campus or even attend a lecture or two at the Research Center, books came first.

Most of her band of misfits were either disruptive or a danger to books (and occasionally both), so she’d decided to drag along her Rufflet, Ulysses. He’d been looking a little depressed after a recent attempt to declare himself in charge had resulted in singed tail feathers. (To be fair, Hecate had been particularly grumpy that day, and as a ‘tactical genius’, Ulysses probably should have picked up on that.) The fact that he was unlikely to set the library on fire was a plus as well.

“Not only can I catch up on some of the books that have come out since I started traveling, but I bet this place has lots of harder to find books. I can’t wait!” She told the bird perched dejectedly on her shoulder. The thought of reading didn’t seem to cheer him up, so she continued “You know, I bet they have a huge military tactics section…”

He startled and gave her a hopeful look. “We can definitely pick some up while we’re there.” She continued with a smile. He chirped back in excitement, perking up at the thought. Good, I can enjoy some books and cheer him up at the same time! Glad that it appeared her plan would work, she started across the square, continuing to mutter to Ulysses and (mostly) herself about the extensive list of books she needed to find.

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