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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Stone Shrine: A small shrine made out of stone. It is located at the base of the Starline Falls in a clearing filled with jagged rock formations. Many rock and ground type pokemon can be found here. The shrine is home to one of the two trial leaders for the Galea Plains. (Please reply in lightslategray)
The stones around Bridget made her feel immensely small. She knew that she was small - Axew, after all, are not the largest Pokemon - but as she looked up, across the Starline Falls, she couldn't believe it. She was strong, wasn't she? Then how could she compare to the force of the waterfall above? How could she feel like the strongest Pokemon on the team when the world made her feel so weak? These were unfamiliar feelings to her. Just yesterday, she was playing with Buddy in the park while Jade tried to talk with another apartment complex. Now she felt insecure and scared. She would much rather be playing again.

"Hey, Bridget! Where'd you go, girl?" Jade called out across the clearing. Bridget waddled around to the other side of the boulder she was standing behind. She waved across the way and Jade walked over. "You had me worried for a second there. C'mon, let's see if we can find someone important here. There should be a shrine somewhere." Jade kneeled down as she spoke, scratching the underside of her companion's neck. Bridget preened, happy to see her trainer. Bridget was very happy to be with Jade. She didn't feel as scared with her. Jade rose up, trying to take in her surroundings best she could.

She had come to this place in hopes of learning more about the culture of the Galea Village. Recently, she had become a bit nosy about other cultures, but surely that wasn't all bad. She spent a short time in the village without anything of real interest showing up - just a simple cafe she visited with good tea and a group of kids playing a sport she didn't quite understand. Jade decided that the best way to go about this would be to travel to a nearby shrine that some people had mentioned. It was part of a long line of challenges, apparently, and farther up the mountain, she could find more important aspects of this place. The idea of the tournament that happened at the peak didn't particularly appeal to her, but visiting and spectating sure did. Sadly, she got the feeling that even entering the Colosseum would take more than a bit of adventuring to get there.

Bridget, on the other hand, had become very interested in the event way up high. Her friends trusted her to be strong, after all. Why couldn't she go up there and prove it? But Jade seemed infatuated with the art and religion of the Cloud Garden, and Bridget wasn't sure how to ask or tell her that she wanted to fight and prove her mettle, so she just followed, hoping that fate would bring her to where she longed to be - a little bit higher and a little bit taller.
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