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In the clearing of the restless, amidst the catacombs of the damned, prepare one and all for a showdown most frightful! All in attendance—spectators both living and deceased—are in for a treat. Let us now commence this battle between our combatants!

On Mane’s side we have The Mountain, a solid and grounded male Nidoran. He remains locked in a fierce staredown with Willow, Luka’s battle-ready Squirtle.

The Mountain chitters, signaling his initiative. He widens his stance before unleashing a squall of Poison Sting pins—nasty stuff! The Tiny Turtle is not unprepared, inhaling deeply before releasing an Icy-cold Wind, sending some of the fine needles asunder. Her expression triumphant, Willow scoffs before coughing a bit. Could she have perhaps ingested some of the toxic spines?

The Nidoran furrows his brow, far from discouraged. He jumps forward before hastening to reverse himself to Slap up a heaping helping of Mud into the Squirtle’s face. Willow withdraws into her shell, and, using a Jet of pressurized water, propels herself straight through the muck and smack into The Mountain’s jaw! That’s going to leave a mark!

The Mountain is slightly worse for wear, but both he and his opponent are otherwise fresh. I’m a bit concerned for Willow: she appears to have inhaled some of The Mountain’s poison while executing her opening attack… she might become poisoned soon enough. Good for two!

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