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Cinccino UPS PASBL: Keluvax vs Kaija!

Keluvax (c) vs Kaija (a)
Equiall 1
96 HR DQ
Return = KO
Clay Arena
*You can hear the scurrying of a pokemon having a rush across the ground. Looks likes he's in a hurry, so much that he trips and takes a tumble!*

Yeow! Wh-wh-whooa! Oof! I'm ok...Sorry about that, i'm just excited today! My trainer should be coming here shortly. Oh, here he comes now, over here!

*Right on cue, an excitable young man in an orange vest hurries over to the Cinccino. But he also trips, making too similar a tumble like his pokemon.* Yearrgh! Oof! Whew, made it. Anyway, welcome one and all to a brand new matchup. Keluvax squares off against Kaija in what's hopefully an exciting battle between two of the league's newest Trainers! I go by many names, but folks here call me Trot. And I with the help of one of my best friends, Samy, will serve as your Ref today.

How are you, folks? *He smiles brightly and waves hi.* And welcome to the field of your choosing, the Clay Arena:

Clay: [Indooors/Outdoors] A large battling surface constructed of Clay, which runs down into the ground. This will result in attacks such as Rock Tomb taking slightly longer to execute, but they will still function as normal. However, Ground based attacks such as Earthquake and Earth Power will suffer no deficit in how they function.
This spot is pretty basic, many pokemon have no problem squaring off here. Oh wait! you should probably remind everybody about battles and whatnot.

Oh, right right right! So, folks here's the typical flow of battle:

- The Challenger, Keluvax, chooses 6 pokemon in their squad they wish to use.
- Then the acceptor, Kaija, chooses their team of 6 and sends out their first onto the field.
- Keluvax then sends out their first pokemon and tells it what to do. You can pull off up to 2 moves at a time, in most cases!
- Kaija gives their pokemon their orders right after.
- After that, the battle begins! Me and my partner will relay what happens in the battle.
- Afterward, Kaija continues with more orders
- Then Keluvax orders after that.
- Then we ref the round again.
- Keluxax orders again
- Then Kaija orders...
- You get the idea, right? The battle ends when 3 of either trainer's pokemon are rendered unable to battle!

Oh, by the way. Take a look at this site when you can. That contains a great deal of useful information and tips about pokemon, moves, and the league in general. Be sure to look out for updates and announcements on the the PASBL on both sites as well. If you're wondering about info for Generation 7 pokemon and moves, take a look at this announcement.

And of course, i'll do my best to answer any questions or concerns you may have, so don't be afraid to ask them!

Let's get to it now. Time to start things off with Keluvax's team!
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