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It's superman vs. super team. We know from last year that you also have to look at momentum, and from the momentum I think the Cavaliers faced tougher competition and so are more "battle tested".

But you also have to consider that the Warriors don't have injuries, two of their players (Klay and Iggy) are stone cold, and they are much improved from last year. Don't believe Joe Lacob's butthurt: the 2015-2016 Warriors were the best team in the league on Day 1 but got weaker as the season went on. The 2016-2017 Warriors spent the regular season learning how to play together and morphed into a power ranger.

I think the Warriors sweep, though the 90% chance to win the championship is actually overrating the Warriors because the numbers don't reflect the injuries. San Antonio, with Kawhi and Popovich, were a better matchup and the second best team in the league. The loss of Kawhi, even with a team built to counter Golden State, was completely overwhelmed.

You need your best players in best form to give you a chance against Golden State playing normally. You can't beat them if they're on fire. Klay and Iggy have been ice cold for a while, it's been a lot of Durant/Curry/JaVale/Green. Avenging last year is enough motivation for everyone to play well this time around.
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