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Round 10:

Percival looks upon Hero, the Heatmor shaking he summons forth several clones of himself, the numerous Rowlets look upon the Heatmor hoping that their numbers will help avoid some damage for the coming round. However Hero isnt done yet gathering in energy he unleashes a wave of heat, the fires fly through the air colliding with Percival dealing a massive super effective hit to the Owl pokemon. Percival in great pain from the attack begins flying bravely towards Hero colliding with the Heatmor at top speed dealing some damage to both pokemon much more to Hero. Hero then retailiates by unleashing a flamethrower upon Percival dealing more damage to the small bird, as he cringes with Toxins

Percival isnt far outside of critical, Hero is within the first. Both are good enough for two

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Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
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Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
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Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
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It's a starfish.

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I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.
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