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(OOC: Will work on other storyline soon, hopefully getting that wrapped up sooner than later. Now, it's time for a fight!)

As Heather arrived once more on the site of her Base-in-progress, she checked her phone for messages. Quickly, she noticed an urgent one. Keith, a Trainer she was quite friendly with, was having some serious trouble with his Shadow Ledian, and desperately needed help. She stared at the message intensely for a while, before Magus looked to see what was going on.

A Shadow running rampant, is it? Magus asked. Heather nodded slowly, continuing to stare down the request. You're not thinking of going, are you? It would be remiss of you to put yourself in a situation like that. Besides, it's been a while, they must have left already. the Misdreavus continued.

"...No, I'll find a way. I can't let this hold me back anymore, Magus. If I do, he wins, and I'm not having that." Heather said, running up towards her Base.

Okay, and how are we getting there? Grace can't exactly fly us. Magus asked indignantly.

"You haven't seen the Ride Pokemon half the construction crew's been coming to work on? I'm sure one of them will let me borrow their Pager." Heather said back, finally reaching the construction site. Finding the nearest worker, Heather worked out a compromise with him (that being he could have the next three days off). Magus seemed surprised that it actually worked.

If I may...I ask that you leave me back here. The rest of you can all presumably do something to a Ledian super effectively, but I haven't got a thing. I'm a liability. the Misdreavus said solemnly.

"If that's what you want. Though speaking of super effective damage..." Heather said, bringing out Circe, her Mareep, and seven Rare Candies.

"Ma, Mareeeep!" Circe said as she chowed down on the candies, bringing her to Level 8, high enough to learn Thunder Wave and Thunder Shock.

"Now we're ready to go!" Heather said with a grin, flipping through the worker's Ride Pager until she located the option for Charizard Glide, and pressed the Call button. Within moments, a Charizard, ready with a saddle and everything, was waiting for her to mount. Packing up all her loose ends and Pokemon, Heather got on and gave the Charizard her destination, the Pokemon nodding and rocketing up into the skies above.


"Detecting signals from a boat some distance away from shore, identification: The Banette's Revenge. It is trailing a faint source of Shadow energy." Heather's Pokedex reported in a robotic drawl. "High levels of Shadow energy in the air, proceed with caution." it added, as Heather noticed the clouds seemed to harbor an eerie glow to them. Heather simply grinned. It was time for her to make an entrance to the battle of battles.

"Okay Charizard, that ship is where we're headed! Make for a landing, right away!" she instructed, the Charizard again nodding before dropping through the clouds. The ship quickly became visible, with quite a few people already on it, it seemed. Surely there'd be room for one more. The Charizard slowed its descent to a stop above a clear space on the deck, allowing Heather to dismount, though the shock of the landing left her crouched for a few seconds as her knees processed the sharp impact.

"Dismissed!" she called to the Ride Pokemon above once she was able to stand, and it vanished once again into the clouds above. Turning to the assembled crowd, Heather cracked her knuckles. "So, it's showtime!" she said, definitely looking more confident than she really was.

(OOC: Used 7 rare Candies, bringing Circe to Level 8 from level 1, earning her Thunder Wave and Thunder Shock.
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