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Immediately upon boarding, Chroma made her way to the healing machine and inserted her four pokeballs so that the creatures within could be physically ready for their next challenge. Mother had put them all through a lot recently, and Chroma couldn't help but wish the device could restore her strength as well. Surely such a thing was possible, right? That was neither here nor there, however. The healing machine's final beep reminded her that right now, it wasn't her strength as an individual that mattered, but her pokemons' abilities to support the stronger trainers'- it hadn't taken the mystic long to figure out that she was one of the weakest trainers on board.

She gathered up the orbs and shakily made her way onto the ship's deck, where she began dividing her Rare Candies. Mother had put her through a harrowing battle with no warning, so she hadn't been able to use them. Now, however, she had plenty of time to prepare... but the opponent was far more terrifying. Once she was certain that she had successfully divided the confections evenly, she released her pokemon onto the deck: a mawile, a tangela, an oddly-colored bulbasaur, and an inkay. "Alright, guys, I need you all to eat these," she told them as she handed each one a bundle of Candies. "Trust me, you're about to need them*

Louise, the mawile, scoffed. 'How many times do I have to tell you, lady? I don't need more power!'

"This isn't about power, Louise," the human retorted as if she had heard what the Deceiver Pokemon had said. "Our foe is far too powerful for us to outgun them this time, even with the Rare Candies. This is about durability- we need to be able to survive long enough to provided support for the real powerhouses here!"

The mawile paused, a look of surprise plastered on her face. Tentatively, she looked around at the other trainers' pokemon that were already out and about to some capacity. It didn't take her long to realize just how far out of her league she was: gardevoir could be pretty terrifying opponents with little effort, most massive draconians have a ferocity to match, and... wasn't that golurk a few sizes too big? Heck, that ponyta could probably beat her... though that had more to do with type matchups than actual power levels. Louise heaved a sigh of resignation. '...It's a sad day when the Grand Magus has to be someone else's backup.' Reluctantly, she unwrapped one of the Candies and ate it.

Chroma's other pokemon were stunned. Nothing about this situation was familiar to them: the ship, the presence of such powerful creatures, the faint trail of violet energy, the air of tense anticipation,the ominous dark clouds forming in the distance, Louise's uncertainty... It all seemed surreal to them. Berue and Elenchos exchanged worried glances, while Butternut began to breathe heavily in panic. 'Calm down, Butternut. We'll be fine...' the tangela tried to comfort her companion. 'Remember, big things.'

'Big things...?' the pumkasaur asked weakly. 'What good are my big things if I can't even be of use here?'

'Eat your Candies, and then we'll talk.' Berue looked up toward the sky. 'I guess it's time for me to live up to my own big things...' An intense glow surrounded the tangela after she consumed(?) her first 'treat', causing her to grow larger... and grow arms. She looked at her new form, and tried to get a feel for her longer appendages. 'Hopefully I can get the hang of these before it's too late...'

Chroma gave them a weak smile, and turned to address the trainers as her pokemon continued their snacking. "Excuse me! May I suggest we send a small team ahead to scout out the situation?" She looked around to see if she had caught at least someone's attention. "I believe it would be helpful if we had some way of telling what the enemy is planning, and an aerial scout team seems like the best idea. If we can get something with long-range telepathy out there, then even better." She closed her eyes briefly, likely weighing a few options over in her head. "...If we do make a scout team, then I'd like to send in my mawile."

Louise almost choked. 'Wait, what?! Why?!'

"While it would be preferable not to have them engage in combat with Stewie, there is a chance that it could still happen," Chroma continued, giving Louise no mind. "If that was to happen, then her Intimidate should be able to cushion the mastermind's blows somewhat. And besides, she won't have to be carried around the whole way!"

'I think your overestimating my supply of Electric energy...'

~ ~ ~

*Louise ate 11 Rare Candies*
*Louise was elevated from Lv. 15 to Lv. 26!*
*Louise learned Vice Grip!*
*Louise Learned Feint Attack!*
*Louise learned Baton Pass!*

*Berue ate 11 Rare Candies*
*Berue was elevated from Lv. 15 to Lv. 26!*
*Congratulations! Your Berue has evolved into Tangrowth!*
*Berue learned Bind!*
*Berue learned Growth!*
*Berue learned Mega Drain!*

*Butternut ate 11 Rare Candies*
*Butternut was elevated from Lv. 9 to Lv. 20!*
*Butternut learned Poison Powder!*
*Butternut learned Sleep Powder!*
*Butternut learned Take Down!*
*Butternut learned Razor Leaf!*

*Elenchos ate 11 Rare Candies*
*Elenchos was elevated from Lv. 5 to Lv. 16!*
*Elenchos learned Foul Play!*
*Elenchos learned Swagger!*
*Elenchos learned Psywave!*
*Elenchos learned Topsy-Turvy!*

(Four pokemon declared)

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