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The Not So Secret Base of Cute Things

Located in the middle of a forest clearing stands a small, for now, house that is compleatly decked out in shade of pastel pink and purple. It is surrounded by a white pikette fence. The entire thing looks like an old doll house. In the back there is a large gated off area for pokemon to play in.
The first, and only floor for now, is seperated into six different rooms. Each one directly branching off from the large entrence room.

The entrence room serves as a pokemon center, it is also where Kawaii and her pokemon watch T.V.
The walls are colored a soft blue and there are many windows, alowing a soft natural light source. The floors are made of white birch-wood.
The pokemon center consists of a single machine that can heal pokemon with the push of a button.
The T.V. area consists of a couch colored dusky blue adorned with squashy multicolred pillows and sodt blankets and throws. Various trays for drinks and snacks and the T.V. rests on a stand that holds different movies and video games and their consols. A single door leads into the branching hallway.

The branching hallway is nondescript and white. It is clearly just used to pass between rooms.

The first door leads into a kitchen just big enough for a Ledyba and her helper to prepare food. It is furnished with everything used for cooking. The tools themselves are colored red. The kitchen walls are a cream color with hand-painted gingerbread men.
In the same room is a table clearly large enough for Kawaii and over half her team to eat. It holds red placemats at each spot. The chairs around the table are mismatched but still in the theme of red or gingerbread.

The next room down the hallway is Kawaii's bedroom. While she is an increadibly private person she will take her closest frinds into her bedroom if they need to talk. Her room is an exsplosion of pink and lace. From her bed to the carpet color, her room is covered in various shades of pink. Her bed is pushed against the wall and in one corner she has her art table while in the other corner is her alter. Her alter is the only thing in her room that Kawaii will not let anyone touch. Her closet is on the wall next to her bed. She makes the use of carious shelves to hold her things.

The bathrooms are themed in different flowers. The main bathroom is themed in roses and has rose spattered wallpaper and pink curtains. All the soap is shaped like a rose. The other bathroom is lavender themed and has purple striped wallpaper.

A simple room, it contains a raised platform for pokemon to practice fighting on and a fridge stocked with healing items.

It is a simple room that has it's entire floor made out if a bed. Half of it is bathed in sunlight the other half is pitch black. there is a sepreate room adjoining this one that leads to a pool big enough to hold a whalelord comfortably. All pokemon are welcome in these two rooms.

Accessed by a switch disgused as a vase Victoria keeps a secret room. A glass wall divides the room in half. The other side is a sterile white room. the opposite side is a large throne made of gold and engraved oddly. The floor is littered with pillows, and there is a screen with maps flashing on them with various charts and graphs displayed.

~There is no limit to how many pokemon you can bring out as long as they can all fit.
~I'm not going to be too picky about this but it would be nice if you could color your posts to show what room you are in.
~ Unless Kawaii invites you to her room PLEASE DO NOT GO IN THERE.
~have fun!

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
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