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Originally Posted by Altocharizard55 View Post
Trading $300 to Jeri for his Level 8 Bagon.

*Trade Started*
♂║o8║Species: Bagon║Type: Dragon║OT: Jeri║Obtained: Egg║Birthday: 11/09║Evolution: =Lv 30=> =Lv 50=>
Nature: ???║Ability: Rock Head║Tameness: o║Item: None║Accessories: None║Recolor: No
Level Up; Fire Fang (R-E), Thunder Fang (R-E), Rage, Bite, Leer (10), Headbutt (16), Focus Energy (20), Ember (25), Protect (30), Dragon Breath (32), Zen Headbutt (37), Scary Face (43), Crunch (50), Fly (50; E), Dragon Claw (61), Double-Edge (70), Dragon Tail (80)
Egg; Hydro Pump, Dragon Rage, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush
Move Tutor; X
Machine; Flamethrower
Jeri couldn't help but feel a little guilty. Just when he got to Fizzytopia, he had felt the need to accrue a team of new Pokémon. He had stopped himself once he realized how much of a burden he already carried with the Pokémon he had been bestowed. But Bagon was a bit of an indulgence. He had hatched the little dragon from an egg. He had some plans at first, but as they say, things change. He knew he wasn't going to be able to give the Pokémon the care and attention he needed.

He had found a nice young man who was in search of a Bagon (which was not too hard; they were pretty well sought-after) and set up a trade. Jeri made his way to the Trade Station and released the Pokémon one last time.

"Hey little guy," he said, patting him on the head, "I've found someone I think you'll like. He's a new trainer that's really into Dragon types and I think he'll really like to meet you. Sound like fun?"

The Bagon chirped affirmatively, and Jeri gave him another scratch under the chin. He felt himself tearing up for some reason, despite not having built much of an attachment. But he knew it was for the best.

Trading my level 8 Bagon with the above stats for $300.

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