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Magikarp Update Set 1

Welcoming Sandaa, Sparkbeat, and ABL into my group! Welcome to the Isles!

Saanda: Your arrival on the Red Beach is nontraditional, to say the least. As you soared across the sea on the back of Aero, the sea mist surrounding you, you looked out across the inlet and the swimmers within. Many people smiled and waved as Aero lifts off from the water and glides above the waves. You even hear one teenager cheer for the display, laughing with his friends. When you reach land once again, the red sand getting stuck in your toes despite your efforts, you look out across the inlet with a closer eye. It seems to be like any other beach, dotted by umbrellas and towels. The water itself seems a bit crowded. With the amount of wild Pokemon that live there, swimmers might be a disturbance, to say the least. The sound of small feet scattering sand below them catches your attention. It shakes you from your sightseeing, as you scan the sand closer to you. You can't help but notice the swarm of 3 kids, not much older than 10 or 11, sprinting towards you followed by a Marill.

"Mister! Mister trainer!" The fastest of the three shouted, a lively young girl wearing a bright pink swimsuit and a towel over her shoulder. She was flanked by another girl and a boy, both wearing yellow swimsuits. The girl also wears a yellow hat, and neither has a towel. They all bounce with excitement, looking up at you with wide eyes and back at each other. The girl in yellow whispers something in the pink girl's ear, glancing at Aero beside you and then looking up at you shyly.

"Is that your Mantine?" The pink girl says, before almost getting knocked over by the boy as a spits out a "Can we pet it?" The two stumble over each other in their excitement, but quickly bounce back up, giggling. The Marill hops forward before the group, looking up at you itself and back to Aero. You've never seen any Pokemon look so defensive, but something about it seems insulted - or at least, jealous. With this small crowd of curious kids before you, what will you do?

Sparkbeat: Guided by the lofty prophecies of your Natu, you take your first steps into the Minnao Isles with some amount of grogginess in your steps. Your trip here has been uneventful. The short walk from the port into downtown New Redford is almost as uninteresting. The simple life here is clear through every little interaction with people. Every building you pass seems plastered with advertisements. You make your way to the fountain sitting in the town square. Fortune had guided you this way - something had told him that there was something important there for you. What it was, he was not able to tell. Regardless, you passed through the small downtown into the stone tiles of the town square.

You take in your surroundings for a moment. The area was mostly filled with peddlers of fishing equipment or tours into the "deepest, most dangerous sections of the island". One in particular, a young man wearing a leather coat despite the weather, taps you on the arm. It hits much harder than needed, trying to get your attention. You flinch from the touch, and you hear him raving about spear-wielding natives who tried to take out his eyes and offer them to their Pelipper effigy. Fortune pulls on you away from the man, informing you that he does not see a bright future with him, and you follow. You got the same vibe from him anyways.

Wandering a bit closer to the fountain, looking at the white stone and flowing, clear waters. In your lone moment of stillness for the past few minutes, you feel a much gentler touch on your shoulder. and you turn to meet a woman no older than 25, wearing a simple t-shirt with a bag slung over her shoulder. She is accompanied by a Porygon2, the sleek duck hovering and barely bobbing. She stutters when she first begins to speak to you. "E-excuse me! I am Indiana Willow. Uh." Indiana says to you, adjusting her posture. "I'm a researcher, here on the Isles, and I jus- I noticed your Natu, and I was wondering if you could help with this one bit of my book, is all." She pulls out a small leather journal and looks back at her Porygon2, who rolls its eyes at its trainer's social struggles. "Are you interested in The Mints, b-by any chance?" She says to you, struggling to appear confident. What will you do?

ABL: Your offering to the Prince of the Sea sits on the stone platform. The sounds of rushing water surround you on most sides as you step away. There's a bit of peace to confronting your pain at this home to the Minnao people. From the vantage point of the Sea Altar, you can see downwards into the rest of the village that lives here. The village stands on the rocky ridges of the mountain behind you. Many houses built from wood have stilts keeping them level on the uneven ground, without disturbing the natural land. You see children playing in the rocky paths above the shallow water, chunks of silver stone rubbed smooth by erosion. You see adults carrying roots and vegetables from gardens in baskets to one another. And finally, you see an old man leaving his simple home, the one closest to the Sea Altar, decorated by the crest of the Minnao above the door frame.

The man looks out across the village much like you do, before looking up to the Sea Altar where you stand. He seems shocked for but a moment, and you're able to take in his appearance a bit more despite the distance. Most here wear simple clothes, from cloth made from cotton, and he matches the rest. The addition of a light blue scarf, stretching across the back of his neck and straight down his sides is noticeable enough. His skin is tan like most Minnao people, and he walks with a wooden staff. He takes a few steps off of the balcony of his home, and starts up the stairs towards you.

His ascent is slow going. He takes steps one at a time, nudging whatever pebbles had landed on the steps to either side, back into the water. Once he makes it to half way up the steps, he takes a bit longer and gives a wave to you and a smile. You can't help but feel that this man is important, yet he stays so friendly.

Once he reaches only a few steps away from you, he speaks in a gentle voice. "Welcome, ma'am. It's a pleasure to have you here." He says, reaching the platform you stand on. He seems a few inches shorter, but it could be the slight hunch to his back. "My name is Holai. Are you lost? We don't see many people like yo-" He begins to say, before seeing the small gift sitting at the altar. His eyes flick to yours, still a bit red. "Or perhaps, you were meant to be here." He smiles, his wrinkled face showing deep pride in you. "Would you like to come in for tea? I'm expecting a visitor, but the more the merrier, as they say." He asks, extending his hand outwards to the side. What will you do?

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