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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

Cloud Forest: A dense forest that surrounds the base of the mountain. The trees are home to many kinds of bug, grass, and bird pokemon as well as many others. A woodcutter’s cabin is home to one of the two trial leaders for the Galea Plains. (Please reply in limegreen).

The trees on the outer edge of the forest swayed wildly in the shade of the overcast summer day. The psithurism from their leaves brushing against the wind coupled with sound of Nincada chirping in the distance created a natural symphony of peaceful wonder and awe. Hiero closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh mountainous air.

It was no wonder some had considered the Cloud Garden to be nature's "love letter" to the world. People, the earth, and Pokemon were often see to be as one here. In short, the very essence of the Cloud Garden at any given point was nothing short of majestic.

Hiero knew this; it hadn't been his first time at the Garden, let alone the Cloud Forest, though it was a much different place back then. The memories of the swaying trees took him back - it was a different time, where the world seemed to be simpler and less confusing, even if it was only the blissful ignorance of youth that had sheltered him with such a view. He sighed, patted his side where his Pokeballs were held, and walked down the path leading directly into the thick of the forest. He wasn't entirely sure what he would encounter here, but he knew that, whatever it was, it couldn't possibly be more out of left field or terrifyingly... unnatural... than his last romp through the thick shade of the forest. All he knew is that he was prepared for whatever would come his way - even if it was just a lulling stroll through nature's beauty.
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