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The Galea Foothills:
The Galea Foothills covers the greatest expanse of land in the Cloud Garden. Beginning with Galea Town, adventurers may follow along the Starline River up across the plains and into the mountain. Other areas include the Starline River, the Rose Garden, Galea Plains, Cloud Forest, and the Stone Shrine. The boundary of the foothills lies at the Starline Falls, a giant waterfall that cascades down from the incline above.

Starline River: A calm river that flows down from the mountain and passes by the village on its way to the lake. The water is crystal clear in the shallower areas, darker in the deeper center. The river makes a great place for picnics and for those who enjoy fishing. (Please reply in skyblue)
As Spark swallowed the last bite of his hastily prepared ham and Swiss sandwich, Coron likewise finished the last of his triple candy dessert, sighing in satisfaction after the pleasing meal...until a not-so-subtle burp freed up some stomach space. While Spark packed up the picnic supplies, his Mareanie companion entertained himself by investigating his trainer's bag, not so secretively attempting to locate where he had stashed the rest of the candy. Spark couldn't help but chuckle at the newborn's antics. Unbeknownst to Coron, the remaining candies were currently resting deep in Spark's left pocket, a much harder vault to breach than a simple backpack. Once everything was wrapped up, Spark stuffed the supplies back into his backpack, and Coron ceased his search, turning his attention to making patterns in the sand with his tentacles, obviously trying to make it seem as if nothing had ever happened.

"Alright, bud. Time to set off again. We've got a ways to go before we get to the mountains," noted Spark, peering at the far off, cloud enshrouded peaks. Opening the top of his pack slightly, Spark allowed Coron to climb inside, giving him a moment to settle in snugly. Mareanie's weren't the easiest Pokemon to bond with while traveling, but Spark supposed that this worked well enough since he could still manage the increased weight. "Maybe we can take a little swimming break later. Don't want you to be too stiff once we make it to the trials," mentioned Spark, examining the pristine mountain water as the two walked against the current, away from the nearby town. In response, Spark felt a damp tap on his shoulder. Bending his neck around, he saw one of Coron's tentacles bent upwards, raising the bottom point straight into the air. It took him a moment, but given that it was accompanied by a "Mare" that sounded cheerful enough, Spark just assumed it was his best thumbs up rather than another, ruder finger gesture.

"Glad you're up for it. Here's to a fun bonding trip!" he cheered, tossing a fourth candy behind his head, which Coron easily caught with his tentacles and downed in a matter of seconds, placating him...for now.

OOC: Coron grew from level 1 to level 5! Coron learned Peck!
Used 4/9 Rare Candy

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