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Galea Galore

Yay, two more updatees to participate in the CG's revival. Welcome! Looks like there will be a lot of lightgreen around here. XD

It had been quite some time since ABL last stepped foot in the Cloud Garden, so spirits were high as she headed off onto the Galea Plains. The weather was in perfect condition today; the sun shining brightly overhead with some giant fluffy clouds slowly inching their way across the sky. Sending out her Mareep Daffodil to share the experience, ABL gazed out across the rolling hills with scattered trees that provided the perfect shelters to take naps under.

While Daffodil darted around, happily chowing down on some of the lush grass, ABL took a moment to rest against one of the trees and appreciate the peaceful setting. She smiled as she watched her Mareep frolic about, darting up and down the hills while not straying too far from her trainer. However, in a bout of momentary carelessness, Daffodil let out a shocked bleat and took a spill, rolling head over tail down the hill.

ABL quickly got up and rushed over to her Pokemon to make sure she was okay. Daffodil quickly got up and shook it off, looking around perplexed. She had tripped over what seemed like a piece of firewood; a neatly chopped tree branch that rested conspicuously on the hillside. ABL picked up the mysterious piece of wood, remarking how the cut was too clean to have been created by nature. The edges were rounded and smooth as well. She looked around to see if there were any settlements nearby to no success.

Suddenly, her attention was caught by a faint cry coming over the hill behind her. “Muh muh muh!” a pink blob wailed as it bounced its way over to them. Upon closer inspection, the incoming Pokemon appeared to be a small pink Munna with little purple flower-shaped spots on its back. Its focus was locked in on the piece of wood ABL held in her hand, incessantly hopping up and down in an attempt to retrieve it. Not wanting to be a hindrance, ABL set the piece of wood down next to the energetic Pokemon.

Munna seemed to calm down quite a bit, pleased that it was now in possession of the wood. However, as it began to push the branch up the hill with its nose, ABL could tell that it was struggling quite a bit. She quickly scooped up the wood once again, causing the Munna to chirp back into a frenzy of “Muh!” sounds and carried it up to the top of the hill next to the tree where she set it back down. Munna quieted down once more, but it had a panicked look on its face. It appeared as if it wanted to tell ABL something, but it was up to her whether or not she felt like sticking around to listen.

The weather was in perfect condition as Patches and her Pikachu Mio set out onto the Galea Plains. It had been quite some time since she last ventured into the Cloud Garden, but this setting with the large cotton-like clouds above felt very familiar. Mio’s excitement was infectious as Patches couldn’t help from chasing her Pikachu up and down the rolling hills. The green grass was so soft and inviting that the pair began to roll down the slopes in sheer joy.

After a while, Patches decided to take a break while Mio continued her revelry. She sat under one of many trees that were scattered across the meadow, providing an umbrella-like shade for a perfect resting spot at the top of the hill. Calling upon another one of her Pokemon to enjoy the atmosphere, Patches mistakenly sends out her Charmander, Kei, but welcomes him anyway. Kei smiles and rests with his trainer under the shade of the tree, a gentle breeze blowing past them.

It wasn’t too long until this moment of tranquility was interrupted. Mio suddenly came darting up to Patches and Kei, trying to draw their attention to something. She must have picked up an unusual sound with her ears, because they were standing up in alert and were twitching. She then darted back down the hill, but not too fast so that Patches and Kei could keep up.

Jogging down the hill and up and over another hill, Patches could see a sort of commotion in the short distance. There seemed to be some kind of squabble going on. Picking up the pace, Patches and her two Pokemon hurried over to see what it was. As they approached the tussle, it seemed to involve two bear-like Pokemon. The first was a little black and white cub, a Pancham, who was bullying the pink and brown cub, a Stufful. The Pancham was repeatedly pushing the Stufful down to the ground, who in turn was crying out pitifully and trying to get back on its feet. Dare Patches attempt to break up this squabble?
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