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Cordina’s Peak: Named after a famous priestess, Cordina’s Peak is the religious center of the Minnao people. People from various tribes often travel here to make offerings to Manaphy for the health of their children, or to Kyogre for good weather. Here, the current head priest, Holai, attempts to heal the bonds between people and Pokemon on the island. While there isn’t much fishing opportunity here, with the only water truly available in the shallow pools of the Sea Altar, the locals are sure to need help with the daily goings on in the village. Please respond in deepskyblue. This area is intended for Normal adventures.
ABL slowly approaches the Sea Altar, hesitating at the last few steps. She glances around to see who might be observing her and, with a deep breath, finally steps up to the shrine. For a long moment, she fidgets with the hem of her shirt. The trainer looks back at the Espeon sitting calmly a few feet away, but the Pokémon gives no visible reaction. It seems like even the cheeky Dreamer understands the significance of this holy place and so is on her best behaviour.

The trainer chews at her bottom lip, uncertain as to whether she should speak aloud - or indeed, if such a thing is even permitted here. Remaining silent, she takes a small item from her bag and examines it. It's a small package, wrapped in some sort of leaf. ABL bends, gingerly placing the item at the altar. She claps her hands together and bows her head. Briefly, there is pain on her face, and warm tears threaten to spill down her cheeks, but the young woman manages to keep them under control.

After completing her prayer to Manaphy, ABL bows a little more deeply before stepping away from the Sea Altar. Without a sound, Dreamer pads after her.

"Thank you," murmurs the trainer. Dreamer merely gives ABL a knowing look.

With nothing else needing to be said, ABL and the graceful feline seek out a priest or other local that might need some sort of assistance. Who knows, perhaps if they're able to do enough good, Manaphy will see fit to answer the foreigner's prayer...

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