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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Crystal Grove.

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: You were most certainly one for justice, and would like nothing more than to put the Black Scarab down, but a murderer Keith Golbatson Masters was not. Some of your pokemon, perhaps, given the few unlucky rocket grunts you've encountered stupid enough to attract your ire, but you yourself wouldn't stoop to such depths. As you recall Donovan's words of the Vanguard's vigilantism, you pop the question of killing towards him nervously. The man takes a long, drawn breath, before exhaling and responding.

"Not unless you're legit threatened. We do things tougher than most, a broken limb here, bruised chest there, but only those who are foolhardy enough to pull a gun on us when they've lost are dealt with in our manner. If you're asking if I've killed any Shells..." he pauses for effect, "...then I'd have to kill you afterwards."

The jocular manner of the response earns a chuckle from you, and the remaining journey through the tunnel goes quietly, until you come to a junction. Following the man to the left, you head through a network of tunnels, only now noticing the lighting system. A number of lengthy black cables, with the occasional pointed LED bulb providing a gentle light. The bulbs themselves are no bigger than your thumb, and as you stare at them, Donovan speaks up.

"Right, the bulbs. We found a warehouse of them near the Sanctum, presumably the Shells use them for keeping their spotlights up and running. We nicked them and installed them so we can actually see down here without using flash or whatever. Anyways, we're here..."

As your companion stops, you find yourself at a steel door with a metallic box beside it. Opening it, Donovan inputs a code into the system, the door's bolts unlocking and allowing you access. As you head through, you find the base to be slightly dusty, as expected of an underground facility, yet stocked with numerous boxes of supplies. Looking around, you're approached by another man, but before he can speak, Donovan interrupts.

"Hold up there, Mike. This here's Keith, he's here to help us with the Shell problem we have, and specifically the Scarab," he explains. Mike, as introduced, seems different, with a scruffy jacket and a pair of three-quarter jeans.

"Well maybe he can get some sense out our recent catch then, Bryan's not getting much out of 'er with loud noises and his hands, and both Lee and Karl are saying that we've nabbed a dud despite blatant Rocket evidence..." he mutters. The mention of the Rockets grabs your attention as well as Donovan's, the vigilante pointing you towards the back as Mike practically hauls you towards the rear of the base. As you clamber over boxes, the Decidueye sits back to recuperate and you're brought in front of a cell.

On the outside, you find a young man with a red face, presumably Bryan, whose anger subsides on sighting Donovan, while within the wooden-floored cell sits the subject, a woman a couple of years your junior from the looks of things, holding her upper arm, as though hiding something red, a tattoo perhaps, though from your angle you can't tell, and the brunette, with her waist-length hair seems silent, though whether that's through fear or hard-boiled training you can't tell either. What you can tell, however, is that Bryan has a short temper, judging by the snapped canes here and there, and it's clear the vigilante has been violent in interrogation.

"Well, Keith. Your choice. You can head in and see if you can get her to talk. If she can prove she's not related to the Shells or whatever, we'll let her go. If she is, we'll haul her off to the authorities. Alternately, we can leave her to Bryan here, and see if his 'tried-and-trusted' method of confession works..."

The woman is facing away from you, trembling, so you can't see her eyes, but you've a choice to make. Would you be willing to let a potentially innocent lady suffer further abuse, or will you try and coerce conversation? There's also the matter of Bryan to consider, given his mannerisms may not be morally questionable. It's your call, however.
Keith relaxed as Donovan cleared up the most pressing issue he had with this whole vigilante concept- he'd only have to kill if he truly, absolutely had to kill- like, if it was a matter of life or death on his own part. He even chuckled at the additional part of the answer, which was said in a jocular manner, reassuring Keith that that wasn't serious. He felt better about all this already, and was now able to focus on other things, such as the tunnel's lighting system- long black cables peppered with LED bulbs no larger than his thumb.

But before Keith could open his mouth, Donovan provided answers for that as well- they swiped the bulbs from a warehouse they'd found- presumably stored there by the Shells, so the Vanguard decided they'd take them for themselves, so as to provide some semblance of visibility in the tunnels. Keith nodded, just as Donovan stated that they'd reached their destination- a steel door, kept locked by some sort of security code. Donovan input said code, opening the door, and granting access to the base. Immediately they were approached by someone else, but Donovan stopped him, introducing Keith and explaining that he was there to help.

This new man, named Mike, suggested that Keith could help them get something out of someone they'd recently caught- someone with apparent Team Rocket ties, a detail that caught Keith's attention. He was led- well, more like dragged- across the room, to a cell. Outside the cell was a young man whose definite displeasure dispelled somewhat upon spotting Donovan- this, Keith gathered, was Bryan, the guy who had been in charge of interrogating this suspect. Inside the cell was a woman, somewhat younger than Keith if looks were anything to go by, sitting silently, facing away from Keith, and trembling. There were broken canes laying around, a testament to Bryan's short temper- this, Keith realized, might just explain the trembling. He began to realize that Bryan's interrogation methods must be a bit... physical.

He was given a choice at that point- asked whether he wanted to try his hand at interrogating this suspect, get her to talk, or leave her to Bryan. Now, were this a clear-cut case, Keith wouldn't especially care, but he recalled Mike mentioning that Lee and Karl insisted that they were barking up the wrong tree with her... there was reason for him to question whether she really had any affiliation with the Shells or with Team Rocket. Of course, he couldn't say she was innocent, but neither could he say she was guilty just yet. He didn't know one way or the other, and the only way that'd change, he knew, was if he went in there and found out for himself.

"I'll go in there, see if I can find anything out," Keith replied. They say the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results, after all, and however Keith was going to do this, he knew it wasn't going to involve physical violence.

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