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Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It was a relatively calm day at the Sundered Blade, as Alex read up on some articles online relating to Alolan pokemon and their culture. It wasn't anything special, just a gentle day with the sun diving behind the clouds every now and then. Above, on the top floor, sealed from others, three figures could be found, looking at a map of the region. One of the three, his Shadow Zangoose Totsuka, was uncharacteristically agitated for some reason, which was why her Honchkrow companion and Lunatone acquaintance-of-enough-respect brought her there.

"What caw-d be bothering you, then? Such behaviour is most...unsettling, to say." the avian crooned, as the cat ferret twitched, usually docile and lazy.

"Somethin' in the air ain't right...ya feel it...arrrrgh..." she hissed, scratching at the rock floor. "Moon cheese, surely ya know too?"

'Hmmmm...' the pumpkin tinted meteorite mused, before staring at the map and focusing, closing the eyes to try and feel what was off...before the eyes sprung open wide, a sense of impending doom hovering over Nuhuko as he trembled. Turning to the pair, he delivered what he discovered.

The trio immediately teleported to Alex just as he received a message from someone.

"Keith, huh? Anyone here know who this Stewie kid is and why the resident poison master's needing help?" he barked to the room, to be met with a chorus of shrugs, though Lapis the Dusknoir raised a finger.

'I think that Stewie's one of his pokemon. If my check of the records is correct, a Ledian tainted by the shadow phenomenom."

'She speaks the truth, Alex. We need to go. Now.'

"Wh-what's wrong?" he asked, rising from his seat to address the three pokemon who suddenly arrived.

'The weather's got bad. Real bad. Shadow sky, and spreading fast. Monitoring of Keith's base has gone stone dead. It's also bo-'

"I've heard enough. Nuhuko, you stay here and keep me updated through my gear on any movement. I'm heeding the call, and if it's as bad as things seem..." he trailed, reaching for a drawer filled with candies, "then we're going to need a proper squad, worthy of the title of Demonbreaker, won't we? Tantalia! Napier! Totsuka! Fragarath! Golestandt! And...Caritas."

Beckoning the group forth, he grabbed each and every single candy from the drawer and turned to the group, the Golurk standing aside at a motion, taking out a number of discs and other occult objects.

"We're going to war."


Sat in one hand of the almost fourteen feet tall golem, Alex flew to the meeting spot of Salt Wave Coast, having made the necessary preparations for the six he felt would be best suited for the fight ahead. As he swooped around, he could see a faint ominous purple, which was surely the encroaching storm, and figures down on the shores next to a familiar wooden ship. This time, he would not fail. He earned his title of Demonbreaker in the past for bringing some of the nastiest, most diabolical beings to their knees, and this was no exception.

OOC: So those 83 candies? I'm using them all on the following things.

-25 go to my level 25 Conkeldurr, Tantalia, bringing her to level 50. (58 left)
-20 go to my level 32 Horsea, Napier, bringing him to level 52, and evolving him to Seadra. (38 left)
-30 go to my level 12 Alolan Geodude, Caritas, bringing her to level 42, and evolving her to Graveler. (8 left)
-8 go to my level 29 Honchkrow, Fragarth, bringing him to level 37.

I'm going to shove my Energy Ball and Water Pulse TMs down my Golurk's energy consumption unit, my Psyshock TM down my Honchkrow's throat, the Very Hot Cross Bun down my Conkeldurr's throat for Crossfire, and my Black Persian Plushie down my Alolan Graveler's throat for Shadow Claw. Let's break some murderbugs.

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