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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
It was a bright and sunny day outside the Global Trade Station, which was saying something, considering mere moments ago it had been raining. Keith Masters walked inside, with Meowth on his shoulder, as well as a young Vulpix cradled in his arms.

"We didn't even need an umbrella," Meowth remarked, glancing at the Fire-type in Keith's arms. "Sunny's pretty good."

"Isn't she, though?" grinned Keith. "But man- just look at this place, Meowth," he grinned, glancing around the Global Trade Station. The trade facility was state of the art, with all manner of high-tech trade machines. A major step up from the Cable Club of old. And it was even renamed the Global Trade Station, yet another sign of the Fizzytopia region moving forward into the future.

"Yeah, wow," murmured Meowth.

"Vuuuul," added Sunny, sounding impressed.

Before long, Keith reached the trade machine where his friend Hyrem was waiting. The transaction was a simple one- Keith simply paid the reasonable price of 460, and before he knew it, a gleaming Fire Stone showed up on his end. Sunny's eyes were sparkling as she looked at the radiant rock. "Heh, not just yet, Sunny," Keith stated, picking up the Fire Stone and stowing it in his backpack. "Someday, just not today."

"Vul... Vulpix," Sunny nodded.

"She wants dat Fire Stone," Meowth piped up. "I guess we knows whether she wants ta evolve, huh?"

"Seems that way," Keith nodded. "Thanks, Hyrem," he added, addressing the friend who had traded him the Fire Stone in the first place.

"Vul, Vulpix vul!" agreed Sunny. As Keith exited the Global Trade Station, the Vulpix in his arms yawned cutely before dozing off, her dreams filled with visions of herself as a beautiful Ninetales.

OOC: Trading 460 to GS for his Fire Stone. Thanks! And Sunny thanks you, too.

: Vul! Vulpix! ^_^


*sunlight intensifies*

*Trade Commenced*
And I hereby trade my Fire Stone in exchange for Missingno. Master $460! I hope you put it to good use, Sunny! *pets the Vulpix*



*Trade Close*
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