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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
The Minnao Isles

New Redford: The largest settlement on the island, New Redford can be found in the southern half of the main island, near the Red Beach. It is a relatively small town, mostly consisting of small hotel, general stores, gift shops, and ports on every space the town can fit them. Thomas Wilkson can often be found here, supporting nearby building efforts. Fishing time is better spent elsewhere on the island, but the construction crew is always looking for help. Please respond in darkgoldenrod. This area is intended for Normal adventures.
"We have arrived! Now, we must locate Thomas Wilkson!"

The peppy voice in Spark's head woke him from his slumber before the sailor could even finish tying the boat to the dock. Deadset on the goal at hand, the little Natu hopped out of the sailboat and onto the damp planks of the boardwalk. Gingerly, Spark stood to his feet, tipped the sailor with coins he no longer had a use for, and joined his newest partner on the port. With a hop and a flutter, Fortune landed on Spark's head, balancing perfectly with his tiny feet.

"Proceed!" Fortune mentally shouted.

The blinding island sun beat down on Spark as he entered the town. And it was quickly apparent to Spark that despite being the largest settlement of the Minnao Isles, it was indeed a town, if not a village. In fact, all that was keeping it afloat as a town was a number of basic commodities. As he perused the settlement, Spark noticed signs for a hotel, a general store, and an odd gift shop or two meant specifically for the summer tourists. New Redford was nothing special, but it definitely contained a rustic charm, which Spark supposed was fitting given the Isle's reputation as a fishing paradise. However, Spark hadn't come for a peaceful fishing trip. If he had heard about the Isles from Thomas Wilkson, that may have been the case. But the one who told him about the Isles sudden popularity was none other than the Natu on his head.


"I have been practicing! Spark! Great bounties lie ahead if you dare to brave the unknown! This is your newest prophecy!" ranted the proud Natu. After being adopted by Spark the previous morning, Fortune had spent the entirety of the next day watching his new trainer, focusing on honing his focus to glimpse into the future. The young Psychic type's power was still quite weak, but every now and then, when the future and the subject are significant enough, he could catch a peek into what is in store for each of them. This time, the Natu managed to spot something just as Spark and Chord were finishing their dinner, his sudden, enthusiastic fluttering nearly causing the Murkrow to choke on the last of his dinner. As Chord gagged to the side, Fortune continued, "I heard the rumors in the Adoption Center. The Minnao Isles. They are popular for fishing. But! I heard that there are islands surrounding the main one that none have dared to explore! It is destiny for you to be the first! I have seen it!"

Not that Spark minded the sound of a successful, significant adventure, but needless to say, Fortune wouldn't take no for an answer, regardless of how Spark felt.


Arriving at the center of the town, the cool, coastal breeze had finally vanished, making the oppressive sun seemed all the more intense. The pair had come to New Redford in order to locate either Thomas Wilkson, or a guide brave enough to journey with them to The Mints. Taking a swig of lukewarm water from his reusable bottle, Spark resumed his search amidst optimistic inner encouragement from the Natu on his head.
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