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So hello to my first batch of updatees! I hope your adventures are pleasant and satisfying. As you'll see below, I've given each of you a unique color for your adventure. They should all be in colors easy to see, but should they not please just let me know and I'll find a different color. Also, in each of your updates below you have a choice to make. You are absolutely free to take either option, or even try a third if you like. I'm updating this like I would DM a D&D game, so while I have a loose idea of what I'd like to do here, I am pretty ready to roll with whatever you guys decide to do. Just please don't try to pull a Henderson as hilarious as that might become.

Originally Posted by kawaiiconcept View Post
Spoiler: show
Kawaii was not normally a people person, yet strolling through the park made her feel calm. Maybe is was the fact that her first Fizzytopian friendship was made in a park or maybe it was just that nature calmed her down. Whatever it was she was happy. Her constant companion Frieghya,the espeon, was beside her. Their footsteps matching exactly even though one of them had two more legs than the other. The two were connected since the day they met and even breathed in sync.
Even so Kawaii was constantly on the lookout for new pokemon. She never had any specific ones in mind. In fact, the pink haired trainer took in any and all pokemon in need. She knew that someday she wanted to be a pokemon breeder so that she could care for all different kinds if pokemon.
The pink-ette stopped and smiled as an idea came for her. She closed her eyes and radomly selected one. Out popped a small metal creature. It was an Aron named Erin. He was wearing a black fedora and would tip his hat to any lady pokenon who passed them. His trainer giggled every time he did so. Eventually she stopped in a shady spot and lay down on her back. The gentle breeze blew through the tree branches above her. Her loyal Espeon took her place laying on her trainer's tummy while Erin curled up in the grass just beside her.
Kawaii closed her eyes and let her thoughts wander untill she didn't know if she was alseep or meditating. That was just the way she liked it.
kawaiiconcept: (Please now reply in PaleGreen) With sense of calm flowing through you, you make your way through the park. Though not the biggest as far as parks go, the Fizzygarden Park is certainly big enough to let the sights and sounds of the city momentarily wash away and let the ambiance of nature surround you. With your most trusted companion at your side, ostensibly you have made your way here to find another friend to add to your many. Instead of having a specific desire in mind, though, you instead let fate play out as it is wont to do. What happens will happen, and you are content with letting chance guide you. In fact, as you reach for a Poke Ball in your possession at random, it seems you let this principle guide much of your life. At your feet, a small steel creature appears, with an odd but rather dashing fedora atop his head. Fate has decided that Erin will play a part today, but what part might it be?

Surprisingly, for a park as acclaimed as this one, today it seems to be at a lull in activity. There are still people to be found, but a great many less than one would have expected. Idly you wonder why this might be, but soon the thought passes as you spy a large tree directly ahead. Full and quite healthy-looking, casting a wide field of shade down on the hill it rests, the tree seems to be the perfect place for a quick pause in your travel.

Making your way up the hill, you find a nice-looking spot to relax. Using a short bit of exposed root as a pillow, you lay on your back. Between the comforting weight of your Espeon on your stomach, the warmth of your Aron against your side, and the soothing wsshhh of the breeze through the above branches, you fall into your favored state of mind. Not quite slumber but not quite meditation, you just are in this blissful blankness. Relaxed as you are, time starts to escape from you. Minutes pass, or maybe hours. Probably not days, but in your state of mind that might actually be a possibility. As all good things do, though, this bliss eventually comes to an end. Rather abruptly, too, as something lands atop your face.

Startled into awareness, you grab at the strange object covering your face. It wasn't heavy, certainly not enough to injure you, but the sudden impact was still surprising after the serenity you felt moments before. As your mind returns to you, you focus down on the object now gripped in your hands: a small sheet of standard printer paper. It appears to be some sort of missing poster, if the large block lettering along the top edge is any indication. At its center a picture runs from edge to edge of a Zorua, well-groomed with a color around its throat and smiling impishly up at the camera. Below the photo a small description rests, summarizing the appearance and demeanor of the above Pokémon, along with a reward listing and contact number.

Just as you finish reading the poster, Frieghya perks up, and soon you hear what she likely heard: the thud of footsteps coming up the hill in your direction. You turn, and see a young woman running up to you. She seems to be your age, maybe only a year or two younger. The woman is dressed rather plainly, in grey jeans and a dark red Henley. Her long black hair sways out behind her as she runs, though what your gaze primarily focuses on is the thick stack of posters in her arms.

"Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry," the woman says in a low contralto voice. "The wind just caught that one right as I was about to post it." She nods back down the hill, at a small post slightly off the path you hadn't noticed before. It seemed to be a notice column, covered in fliers of various sorts: some advertisements, some help wanted requests, some just general garbage that would doubtless be a shitpost had it been online. Turning your attention back to the woman, you find behind her initial embarrassment she seems very melancholy, with a definite slump to her shoulders. At your side your Espeon gives a little tug at your shirt; with her psychic abilities, she also seems to have noticed this woman's sadness.

The woman reaches up and takes the poster from your hands, adding it to her stack. "Really, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to... yeah..." She awkwardly trails off with a sheepish grin that upon further inspection looks visibly forced. "Well, I'm just going to... go now..." The woman bobs in what might pass as an awkward nod towards you, before turning and starting back down the hill.

Well, it seems fate has crossed your path with this woman's. At some point though, even with fate guiding you must still make a choice in what action you take. Do you stop her? Do you let her go on with her life? As the woman begins to walk away... In this crossroad of decisions... What will you do?

(Declared Pokemon: Lv.22 Espeon, Lv.7 Aron)

Originally Posted by Heather View Post
Spoiler: show
A sprightly, adventuring young woman probably wasn't the expected kind of sight at a power plant, especially not with a small, sleeping white fox in her arms and a flying squirrel on her shoulder. But then again, Heather never did much care about what others expected. She was here for one reason, and one reason only: to have an adventure. Well, maybe two, since finding another Electric type to add to her team wouldn't be a bad shout. All was not well with this traveling troupe, however, as the flying squirrel seemed awfully concerned about something.

"Look, I'm just saying that the Steel and Electric Type go hand in hand a bunch, and a Steel Type would crush Danni in battle. Did you have to bring her with us?" the Emolga, Grace, asked, exasperated.

"You know how Danni gets when I leave her behind. If Ryuko's not there, she'll go nuts. I'm not leaving the both of them behind, and I'm not having the Base in progress see any more indoor snowstorms. Speaking of Ryuko, you were supposed to get her out of that bunny suit so I could wash it." Heather retorted, stroking the sleeping Alolan Vulpix's head gently, Grace rolling her eyes.

"Look, I tried my best, alright? You're gonna have to figure something out on that front!" the Emolga replied, frustrated. "Whatever. We're coming up on the place. You want to just snoop around for any wild Pokemon, or what?"

"Let's not get mistaken for trespassers, Grace. We should introduce ourselves first." Heather said, heading for the front entrance, Danni continuing to sleep peacefully in her arms.

"...Yeah, sound advice." Grace said absently.
Heather: (Please now reply in Gold) For those thirsting for adventure, a power plant might not necessarily be one's first choice. In particular, the Fizzitopian Power Plant seems an especially strange choice, what with its surprising record. Boasting fifty-plus years without a major outage in operation, there doesn't seem anything particularly exciting about a trip there. Nevertheless, with a passion for electric-types and a strong disregard towards other's expectations of you, this power plant seems the perfect place to go poke around for an adventure. Or, you know, at least maybe a new companion.

With your longtime partner, Grace, on your shoulder and your newer companion, Danni, asleep in your arms, you find yourself walking alongside the road up towards the Power Plant. Nestled on a shallow plateau with craggy, mountainous terrain on either side from your perspective, the Power Plant seems to be a bit of a misnomer. No, it seems less a singular plant and more a sprawling compound. At the front, just beyond a large parking lot dotted with vehicles, a tall stone building rests. Even from your distance you can tell that it is big, easily larger than a respectably sized warehouse and three, maybe four stories high - and it is not even the tallest you can see. Looming behind this first building, like the giant over Jack, a secondary building stands. If the first was three stories, this must be twice that. In their distance, details on the exteriors are hard to make out, but from what you can see they both are a plain white color. The foremost has windows along each floor. Behind it, the larger building is only periodically dotted with windows, leaving large swatches of blank stone.

Crossing onto the parking lot, you can see that a tall chain fence shoots off in both directions from the front building towards the mountainous crags surrounding the compound. Signs warning of high voltage beyond hang from the fence at regular intervals, and as you near the building you can see that several yards past the first fence another lines the compound. It seems they are very conscious about restricted area here. Probably for the best, as just beyond the second set of fencing several tall pylons jut out into the sky, trailing power lines away from the plant and down to the city below. Past these pylons and the giant of a building, in the far distance a few more buildings lie, much smaller but the same plain design of the one now directly in front of you.

You reach the front entrance, stopping the argument with Grace, reassuring her that Danni is fine to be with you on this potential adventure. Upon Grace's enquire to snoop around, you decide that the best approach would be direct. You wouldn't want to be considered a trespasser, after all. Just as well, since while it probably wouldn't be impossible, sneaking out into the compound unsupervised would definitely be a difficult endeavor.

As you step in front of the entrance, two large glass doors slide open for you, bringing with them the sweet breeze of inside air conditioning escaping out into the hot midday heat. Though she doesn't wake, Danni gives a little shift in your arms with a pleased sigh at the temperature change. Stepping into the building, you find yourself in what you imagine might be a lobby. To your immediate right is a long L-shaped counter, behind which a receptionist sits apparently bored as she twirls a strand of hair around her finger absentmindedly. Straight ahead a flat screen TV rests against the wall cycling currently through a presentation over the Plant facilities. Underneath this TV and to the left you see a seating area of rather comfortable looking circular couches, arranged in almost a full circle and currently occupied by a large group of people of mixed age and gender. Some are talking amongst themselves, though just as many are sitting quietly on their phones or other such devices. Further left, the room opens into a large open space. It seems to be an educational area maybe? The large model of what somewhat resembles what you've seen of the compound suggests so. Lastly, just beyond the opening of a small hall currently out of your sight, a pair of sliding glass doors just like what you stepped through holds open, allowing an older gentleman out from... a gift shop?

Now inside the Power Plant, or at least the foremost building of it, you find yourself with a decision to make. This facility seems fairly welcoming to visitors, if the gift shop is any indication, but if you still wished to introduce yourself the receptionist certainly doesn't seem busy. Or perhaps, you might approach this group of people introduce yourself to them. Or even still you might venture over to the educational area, learn more about the plant? Admittedly, beyond its stellar reputation and the general knowledge that electric-types gather here, you don't really know much of how this plant operates. And of course, there is always the gift shop. Spend some money, get some souvenirs. Who knows what you might find in there.

The decision is yours. What will you do?

(Declared Pokémon: Lv.5 Emolga, Lv.1 Alola Vulpix)

Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Spoiler: show
Jayson hopped off the train, happy to have hitched a ride to his destination this time instead of having to travel on foot like usual. His long term solution to foot travel hopped off next to him, Boudicca the Mudbray let out a whinny as she landed heavily on the compact earth. Atalanta the Rowlett nuzzled into Jayson's neck before fluttering down to land atop Boudicca's head, a strong friendship had begun to blossom between the two. Jayson looked around the railyard, there was definitely plenty going on. Workers loaded cargo and worked on track and train, some even aided by their own Pokemon. Still fairly fresh in his journey around this new region, Jayson had whims for more Pokemon. He wished to see his numbers swell with more Pokemon with the hearts of warriors, those that were eager to fight and adventure.

However he needed more than just Pokemon, he needed money and items as well. His purse was lighter than he would like and his bag was still all but empty. Some hard work would hopefully see both gain weight, surely there was some work around here for a fresh body like his. Boudicca and Atalanta could also use some time to strengthen themselves, both still rather inexperienced but also eager to prove themselves.

Jayson made his way through the railyard, his Pokemon trailing close behind. Most of the other people in the area seemed busy doing their own work, none of them stuck out as someone he could ask for work.

"Keep your eyes peeled girls, maybe we will run into someone we can help."
TheKnightsFury: (Please now reply in Sienna) Clambering down from the boxcar, you're happy that the conductor of this train was amiable towards hitchhikers. It would've been doable, to be sure, to have walked this distance what with your hardy team, but any bit of rest in this long journey is appreciated. As you stretch out beside the car, loosening from the admittedly somewhat cramped travel accommodations, your two companions jump down to join you. Boudicca, your Mudbray, gives off a whinny as she lands on the hard earth nearby. Atalanta, your trusty Rowlett, meanwhile, gives you a nuzzle before perching atop the young jennet's head. Seeing the easy friendship between the two brings a smile to your face, though your expression quickly hardens to something more resolute as your mind turns to your goals here. Though finding a new warrior to join your team would be nice, today your goals tend toward the material things: money and supplies, neither of which you have as much as you'd like. Well, you can't help but think as you make your way through the yard, passing large Machoke helping their trainers lift crates into boxcars, this certainly seems like a place to find work.

Unfortunately, in the freight yard you find yourself in there doesn't seem anyone to approach and inquire about possible opportunities for a traveler such as yourself. From where you walk, to your left you see the aforementioned Machoke, lifting wooden crates marked with a "D" styled to look like a Poke Ball up to their trainers within the boxcar. Across to your right several men and and handful of Aggron assist a crane in loading a large storage container onto a flatbed. Though there are a great many people about, all seem busy with their respective tasks. You've just asked your two Pokémon to keep an eye out for anyone you might be able to help, when a voice yells out behind you.

"Hey, you! Hold it right there!"

Instinctively turning towards the deep voice, you find a large man making his way straight to you. Dark-skinned, tall, and visibly well-built, the man is dressed in much the same way as everyone you've seen thus far: sturdy-looking jeans, a long-sleeved jacket that does nothing to hide his musculature, bright orange safety vest, and a similarly colored hard-hat atop his short greying hair. As he approaches, the man glances down at the clipboard gripped in his right hand – as if ascertaining something written there – before turning his hazel gaze on you.

If you weren't relatively certain this was the yard manager by his stance and demeanor, you definitely are when he opens his mouth again. "All employees are supposed to wear vests and hard-hats in the yard, no exceptions." The man pauses a moment, taking you and your appearance in with a quick up-down glance. His face hardens, obviously unhappy. "Only, you aren't an employee, aren't you." He says this flatly, as if this isn't a question he needs answered. Before you can explain yourself, the man sighs and mutters something to himself in an undertone too low to pick up. Based on his expression though, it doesn't seem to have been anything complimentary. Another sigh, and he straightens up. "Okay, I'm only going to say this once so listen up. If you're some drifter looking for a job or a quick buck, you've gotta go up to the main building and talk to the yardmaster to be vetted. Sorry, pal, but we can't just let any Joe Shmoe off the streets come in here and futz around." The man points behind you, towards a large three-story brick building a fair distance away. Other than its size, to your eye it looks remarkably like all the other industrial buildings you've seen on your journey into the yard. "Just head in there and say you're in look of work; someone will point you in the right direction."

The man looks as if he's going to say something else, but is cut off by a loud bzzt from his waist. He pulls off a handheld transceiver, holding it in front of him as a tinny voice starts speaking. "Hey, McCoy? You got a sec? We got a big problem down on track 5-A. Scott's screwed up the swtich box again and we got two inbound."

Under his breath, the man in front of you mutters, "Damn it Jim, I'm the yard foreman, not a miracle worker." Nevertheless, he speaks back, "On my way. Try not to let things go too FUBAR." In your direction, he points a finger out absentmindedly, already distracted by his new problem. "You, get offical or get the hell out of my yard."

With a nod, his piece said, the foreman turns and hurries off to wherever track 5-A might be, leaving you and your Pokemon unsupervised in the rail yard. Desiring work, at first thought it seems clear that the place to go is this main building. On the other hand, with no guide, there is nothing but your morals stopping you from wandering by yourself in search of someone to help. What will you do?

(Declared Pokemon: Lv.5 Rowlet, Lv.3 Mudbray)
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