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Shaking off the updator rust XD

My first update in about seven years, so I hope it's not too disorganized. XD Welcome to the CG!

Having long since desired to explore the picturesque peaks of the Cloud Garden, Elka arrived in order to fulfill her goal along with her fluffy companion Pascal. The first stop on her journey: the Galea Plains. Wanting to get acclimated to the atmosphere before she began her ascent up the mountain, Elka figured this grassy meadow would be a great place to start.

Imposing mountain aside, the Galea Plains were quite a view in of itself. Lush green grass covered the gentle rolling hills that extended as far as the eye could see. Thin trees dotted the pasture and provided small oases of shade in a sort of winding connect-the-dots pathway toward the mountainside. With a soft breeze at their backs, Elka and Pascal began their journey along said path. As the two made their way up and down the rolling hills, Elka could spot the edge of the grassland in the far horizon. It was a thick line of trees that was undoubtedly the Cloud Forest, a destination for maybe another day. For now, it was enough to enjoy this pristine setting with the warm sunlight beaming overhead.

Elka’s train of thought about basking in the sunlight was suddenly derailed however, as a large shadow momentarily eclipsed the sun. Looking up to see what it was, Elka spotted a large bird soaring high above her. It was hard to make out what kind of bird Pokemon it was from this distance, but it was unmistakably circling around, like a bird of prey searching for its kill. However, it wasn’t the trainer nor her small Eevee that was being targeted; the bird appeared to be circling a lone tree with thick branches a stone’s throw away.

Since she was already heading in that direction, Elka decided to check things out. There could be a weak or injured Pokemon there that might be in danger of becoming that bird’s lunch. As Elka and Pascal approached the tree, the two looked around expecting to find something huddled up against the trunk. There was nothing in sight. It wasn’t until the two heard a faint rustle amongst the leaves above that they looked up to see a small bundle of brown fur clinging tightly to a branch.

“Ur, ur!” it weakly whimpered, quite aware of the danger it was in. Upon further inspection, the Pokemon hiding in the tree was a chubby little Teddiursa cub. The picture became all too clear when Elka next spotted a stolen picnic basket that the cub must have carried up into the tree. No doubt in her mind, this greedy little cub strayed too far from the forest and now it was paying the price. The predator above let out a menacing screech, announcing its intentions that it would not give up this prey today. It was up to Elka whether or not she wanted to interfere with the circle of life.
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