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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Shrine to the Sun and Moon – A pair of magnificent shrines dedicated to the cosmic duo. Search for hidden eggs with reverence, and the eggs may reveal themselves to you. Please reply in yellow.
As soon as she got herself around to get used of the new trainer life, Mélina soon got her hands on a particular flyer. She didn't pay attention to it at first, out of habit of getting similar papers as junk mail. She was sure glad to have kept it aside give it a second glance a few days later though, as she realized it was the perfect ticket to her first adventure: A trip to Springtime Isle, an island that isn't normally accessible, but for some reason, it is more open to trainers to participate in a yearly festival called "Springtime Pyukumuku", an Easter-like egg hunt event open to all who are curious enough to come. "Curious is my middle name!", she thought, "I HAVE to go there!"

Then she looked at the pamphlet in more detail. "GAH, there's too many places to go there!" The beach with its warm sands, the market with all the food, the mysterious and all-ancient shrines, the ice caves where the temperature might remind her of home, the canopy of trees filled with sweet berries, some beautiful waterfalls... Where should she go? They were all too interesting each in their own ways. She wanted to make things easy on her first voyage. But not too easy. She wanted to make that first adventure meaningful. But didn't want to make a grand entrance either. She walked in circles as she kept thinking about the choices. She pondered on the question for days.

And yet... every time she looked at the flyer, her eyes always focused on the "Shrine to the Sun and Moon", for some reason. Logically, she wanted to go at them all equally, but that name keeps popping back at her. Is it because of the flashy yellow color the text has in the pamphlet? Perhaps. Could it be just because it made her think of her two Eevee, Soleil and Lune? Maybe. But she felt it was more... like her subconsciousness was hinting her. Should she just go to it? The place didn't seem to need much preparation, besides maybe some studying about the customs to not look out of place. She had a hard time to decide where to go anyways, so why not? She officially took her decision while ordering her boat ticket to Springtime Isle.


As she took the final step at the end of the road leading to her destination, Mélina looked up at the stairs that lead up to the two shrines.

"Ugh, all that reading was all for nothing," the trainer sighed. "I guess the island has been so isolated, anything about the island is just tourist-y stuff."

"You got any idea what's the polite way to go on there, Starlette?" she turned to her cosplaying Pikachu, resting on her shoulder. "Climb the stairs on your knees? Make a prayer at every step maybe?"

"Pika-pika..." Starlette shook her head. Even while wearing her Ph. D costume, she doesn't have the answer for that.

"Alright, it was worth the shot asking... I guess we should just climb up the stairs slowly. At the same time, it'll give us a chance to maaaaaaybe spot an egg around here. Sure we might have better chance at the shrines themselves, but we never know..."

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