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Agemo Era Uoy

The mostly peaceful land of Fizzytopia was undergoing its daily transitions. The diurnal critters were headed to sleep, the nocturnal ones were crawling out of their nests, and the murkrow, banette, and hypno continued about their less-than-kosher business as if nothing was changing at all.

At least, that was how things were going in most places. A certain campsite in the middle of nowhere had other shenanigans at play.

“There you are, Squid Face!” proclaimed Butternut, a member of a rare breed of bulbasaur. “I’ve got a challenge for you!”

“Sseug em tel… Niaga em thgif ot yrt annaw uoy?”

“Aaaargh! Can’t ya just chat like a normal person?!”

The inkay cocked his head slightly. “Ti that si? Esufer tsum I neht. Hceasp lamrom ym si siht!”

Butternut groaned in frustration. “No, that wasn’t it…” He shook his head a bit before putting on a determined expression. “Elenchos, I challenge you to a battle. I refuse to let you run from me any longer!”

“…Enif. Noos emit yna pots annog re’uoy ekil ton s’ti.”

“And I’m gonna win, too!” the pumpkasaur Growled out. He then moved immediately into a String Shot attack, catching the Revolving Pokemon off-guard and enveloping him if sticky white threads. With the inkay so weakened restrained from the get-go, this’ll be a bree-

“That gniod terger annog er’uoy, ho!” the devious message popped into Butternut’s head as the ball of silk suddenly charged at him head on at… even greater speeds than before? It shouldn’t be possible, and yet the pair of tentacles suddenly Constricting Butternut’s face said otherwise. A sudden wave of pin seared through his body, and another, and another, as Elen relentlessly hit him with one super-effective Peck after another. The assault grew gradually grew both slower and weaker, and Butternut took the opportunity to Tackle his adversary into the ground and leap away, strands of thread ripping apart between the two. He took a couple deep breaths and dared to open his eyes, but the inkay seemed to have… disappeared?

The pumpkasaur looked around wildly, desperate to catch some sort of glimpse of the flashing pokemon, but not even a small blink of light appeared. He could hear Elenchos’ heavy breathing, and the devious giggles that occasionally bubbled through it, but both sounds seemed to come from everywhere at once! Seeing no other option, he swung a Vine Whip wide… and hit some sort of pane of violet energy that Reflected much of the impact.

“Gotcha!” the pumpkasaur swung another Vine Whip to the other side of the pane… which met the same fate as the first. It didn’t matter, though- Butternut could now see the dark-green form of his opponent and charged at it. He’d give the Camouflaging squid a Tackle to remember!

Elen dropped his Reflect screens when he noticed the larger form barreling towards him and took a deep breath. Rather than summon another protective barrier as expected, however, the inkay did something far more insidious… and incendiary. Red-hot Flames spewed out his beak as if they were Thrown, guided towards their destination by the target’s own limbs. The pain Butternut had felt from the pecks he’d received earlier had definitely hurt, but those were isolated to his head. The flames seared his entire body, charring his skin and dispersing his inertia. He collapsed just before Elen, who proclaimed “Niw I!” as consciousness fled his mined…

~ ~ ~

Butternut awoke to a soothing sensation. IT spread across his body in a deliberate fashion from multiple points running small circles. “Nnngh… What are you doing…?”

“I’m applying an ointment of aloe and rawst berry to help you recover from those burns,” replied Berue’s voice plainly. “I haven’t found a way to brew this as a potion proper, so this will have to do. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Nah, it feels actually feels pretty good,” he answered earnestly. “…I’m not gonna wind up like the other human, am I?”

“Not if I’m doing this correctly,” she stated matter-of-factly. Berue’s voice changed tones as she changed the topic. “I take it you now understand the truth in what Louise said the other day?”

Butternut sighed in discomfort. “…Yeah. Dat didn’t go accordin’ to plan…”

“You had a plan?”

“…Not really…”

“There’s your problem. As a general rule, Psychic, Dark, and Ghost-Typed pokemon are the craftiest, and Elenchos’ has two of those types. You can’t run in blindly against something like that.”

“Isn’t Nadie a Psychic-Type?” the pumkasaur pondered. “He… doesn’t seem to be all dat crafty…”

“It’s a general rule, not a law,” the tangelo calmy retorted. “Just as the general rule for Grass-Types is that they’re patient and calm, and yet you seem to be pretty hot-headed.”

Butternut huffed. “Well, excuse me for not bein’ normal.”

A few seconds of awkward silence passed before Berue spoke again. “They have high hopes for you, you know. Chroma and Louise both.”

“Ya right,” the younger pokemon muttered. “The tyrannical pixie’s made it clear what she thinks of me…”

“What she thinks of the current you, that is.” Berue pulled a couple objects out of her satchel. “I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but… here.” She passed the items- a Pumpkin Ball and a TM Incinerate- to lie beside her patient. “You can use those if you wish. Feel free to call me over if your burns start acting up.” With her work done, the tangela gathered up her stuff and wandered away.

Butternut peered at the two objects that were laid before him and smiled. “Thanks, Berue…”

~ ~ ~

*Butternut was placed inside the Pumpkin Ball!*
*Butternut learned TM Incinerate!*
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