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Lv. 01 (F) Dunsparce ($30)
No special moves.

The day had been busy. There were still so many Pokémon left to care for, and a great many people had come in that afternoon to adopt. To have many adoption was a good thing, of course, but the excitement wore on the staff and the extra work took a great deal out of everyone; least of which was not the manager. Tate tried not to complain, although complaining was in the Bird Keeper's nature. There were perks to this job, and a decent salary on the horizon, not to mention it was the sort of work the young-ish trainer dreamed of doing. It could be so very, very tiring, though.

Making the rounds -- making certain everyone was fed, and clean, and locked up for the evening -- Tate paused at one cage in particular. It was known among people in this field that certain species did better than others in captivity; they were simply more equipped for human care than others. Mammals typically thrived, especially canids and felids. Songbirds -- particularly granivores -- were better suited to time in a cage than somthing that a caprimulgiform. This little lady was among those that didn't really thrive in containment. Tate favored her, in part out of pity and in part because she reminded the Johto native of the old homelands.

Stooping in front of the cage, the manager exhaled. In the far corner she was huddled up, away from the fluorescent glow of the overhead light. Dunsparce lived their lives in the darkness of caves; they should have had her in some sort of special containment but the facility wasn't equipped with that sort of them, and besides, she needed to be on display to be adopted. Tate's heart ached.

"Hey," hummed the trainer, slowly unlatching the cage. Tate pulled a towel off of a nearby shelf and reached inside, swaddling the creature completely so that she were complete obfuscated from the light. The chubby worm seemed to appreciate it, burrowing deeper into the terrycloth. "You know, there are all sorts of dark crevices in the old tree," Tate continued. "I could- I mean-... just-... come on."

Closing the cage, Tate sniffed, and ripped the tag off of the metal bars, signaling that it was now empty. Shutting off the light int he room, the manager walked back into the rear office, and --unclipping a large ring of keys from the belt loop of salmon shorts -- opened the lock box by the computer, and dropped the money for an adoption fee in. Jotting a quick note on the back of an envelope to fill out an adoption form in the morning, the mnager finished closing up, new addition bundled close the whole time.

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Paying $30 and placing her in a Pokéball.

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