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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
It had been ten days since Alice had been in the adoption centre, and thinking about it that way honestly made it sound like she was an addict failing to get clean. Slowly but surely her Mime Jr was settling in with the rest of the gang, but plenty of other Pokemon had caught her eye in her previous visit, and she'd been unable to resist checking back in.

Back when everything was a game, so many Pokemon wouldn't have caught the young woman's eye. She would've gone for her personal favourites or the rare or powerful, ground their abilities high and then moved on like clockwork. Yet, now that everything was real, Alice found herself drawn to creatures she wouldn't have expected-- or might've even found scary, like her Bagon, Ekans and Torchic. Today was no exception, as she stopped in front of a Zubat enclosure. Another poison type, and one painfully common, to boot.

"I'd like to adopt this girl, please. If she doesn't mind." The trainer said, $30 already paid out to the clerk at the desk and a Premier Ball in pocket, "I think I'll call her Zoey, as long as she doesn't mind that, too."

It feels a bit odd, being here again so soon, but quite as odd as being here at all. Once upon a time not too long ago, the very idea of Pocket Monster was nothing more than a digital game for you in a world very different from this one; now you're living and breathing a live with creatures that in your reality had once been fictional. You marvel over how much your tastes had changed, now that you were interacting with living and breathing creatures, and it's a bit heartwarming -- these are living beings, after all, and you've gotten to know them as individuals. You're hoping to get to know another one today; one that might scared you, once upon a time. A cute little life sucker, in fact.

Pulling a staffer to her cage, you point her out eagerly. You already have a name and everything! The technician seems impressed, and endeared, handing you a clipboard with a form to fill out as she opens the door to fetch your new friend. Surprisingly docile, the Zubat hangs from her finger, only to be gladly transferred to yours when you're done singing your name. Looks like Zoey is happy to be with you! A lot has changed, hasn't it? You assign her to her ball, and pay the woman the adoption fee, gleeful to make another friend in this strange, wonderful world.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Zubat. confirmed.

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