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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
neverthrive(3/3) – Adding insult to injury on top of everything else Erven was experiencing, the poor trainer falls face-first after tripping over some igneous rock in his path. As for Greg, he could really go for some Bailey's right now – or maybe a dip in the Black Lake – really, anything to relieve him from the hot, sticky, gross humidity that clung to his slippery skin. Hoping that a newfound egg might be his ticket out of this awful environment, he places the egg on his trainer's chest with as much gusto and excitement as he can muster... to no avail.

Trudging on through the intense heat, which seems to grow more and more unbearable by the second, Erven stops to wipe the sweat off his brow and take a few, deep breaths... In this moment of rest, he starts to feel a cool rain falling against his skin. Were there rainclouds hiding among the volcanic ash and soot? No, there didn't seem to be... Where was this feeling coming from? Was the heat causing him to hallucinate? No, Greg, too, seemed to be feeling it as well – oddly enough the rain seems to be missing Pele, who is forging ahead. It seems to be focused on the pair...

The Water Sport stops as soon as the trio catches sight of the culprit, on a precipice above them – a dancing, black figure with bunny ears taped to its head – was it trying to help? The sound of vomiting is quickly followed with a white appendage dropping down to meet them, dropping a basket in front of Erven before quickly retreating, the water type disappearing soon afterward.

The egg in the basket has a turtle crudely drawn on it in magic marker, but the shell is clearly a mud brown color – unlike any turtle Erven knows of. Even so, as cracks appear in the egg's shell, a bright, green turtleshell appears within – attached to what appears to be a Diglett with little hairs on his head. Where on Earth did he get that strange backpack? And why is he trying to imitate a turtle by faceplanting into the ground and wriggling? Poor thing seems to be trying very hard not to be an utter disappointment – maybe with some practice, he will learn to channel his inner turtle. Stranger things have happened...

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Male Alolan Diglett with Turtleshell Backpack (cosmetic)
- 1 Groundium Z OR 1 Steelium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
The incredibly bizarre occurrence they'd just bared witness to left Erven dazed and confused, squinting down at the wriggling creature at his feet. Was he experiencing some kind of heat stroke, he pondered in his head. He knelt down, extending a weary arm and prodded the freshly hatched pokemon with his index finger. It responded instantly, bending its form in a manner that seemed unnatural to peer up, with wide, desperate eyes, to the human whom he hoped would accept him. Erven stared back, blankly, still not entirely certain if this Diglett was even real or not, but regardless, they'd been on this volcano for too long as it was --with the exception of Pele-- and needed to go back down the path to find somewhere with a less extreme climate. This tiny, pathetic creature, practically grovelling at Erven's feet, was all they had to show for this outing, and even if it wasn't anywhere near close to what Erven had been hoping for, he was going to take it anyway, if only to find a home for it elsewhere. He would worry about the details of that later on, he decided.

With a low, drawn out sigh, Erven withdrew a pokeball from his pack for the Diglett, who seemed pleased, understanding this to mean it would be taken along with them, and it swayed, joyously, as it disappeared inside of the pokeball. Erven tucked the occupied pokemon receptacle away, and reached for the basket in which the egg had come, hoping to find something of some kind of use or value inside. "Come on, let's go get some rest," he exhaled, exhausted and downtrodden. Greg was relieved to hear the words he'd been waiting for all day, though did sympathize for his trainer, whose disappointment was tangible. Greg trailed closely behind the disheartened human as he dragged hismself back down the path.

Claiming Level 1 male Alolan Diglett with turtleshell backpack (nice touch), Groundium Z, TM Aurora Veil, 3 Springtime Chocolate Rare Candies, and Bunny Suit.
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