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Lv. 01 (F) Girafarig ($30)
No special moves.
"You said you wanted your own Pokémon, right?" Jeri asked Lucas as the pair of them strolled down the street, "Well, this would be the first place to look."

"I suppose..." Lucas half-agreed.

"Okay, yeah, I know you want to go and find one yourself, but you should at least have a few Pokémon to accompany you. It's not super safe to go without a couple."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Lucas acquiesced.

"Well this is the place to go then," Jeri stopped, turning and presenting the Adoption Center with a floruish, "There's been a wave of abandoned Pokémon that have turned up recently and I'm sure one of them would love to go home with you."

Jeri burst through the doors and Lucas followed after him, wearing a skeptical look. Jeri lead Lucas to the register, instructing him to flip through it to see if any Pokémon caught his eye. Lucas leafed through it, not appearing to be particularly satisfied.

"I think I'd rather just look around," Lucas admitted.

"Alright, fair enough."

The two spent what seemed like a number of hours wandering around the various facilities. The pool, the aviary, the fields, just about the whole Center, before returning to the main area. Jeri was trying not to hide his combined frustration and exhaustion. Lucas did one last scan of the area through the windows. Just as he finished his visual sweep, his expression changed as his eyes lit up.

"What are those over there?" he pointed, indicating a small flock of ungulates congregating near a tree and munching on its leaves. Jeri perked up at his interest.

"Oh, those are Girafarig! I trained one ages ago - she was a sweetie. A little tempramental and a bit odd, but sweet."

"Hm, may we look?" Lucas asked the attendant.

The attendant lead them out to meet the Long Neck Pokémon. Lucas held out a hand, and one of the Girafarig immediately trotted over to greet him. He pet the Pokémon gently, and she chittered at his touch.

"What did you call your Girafarig, Jeri?" Lucas asked, attention still fixed on the one in front of him.


"Alright, Horologrie it is. I'll take this one," Lucas decided, "Voulez-vous allez avec moi ?"

"Great!" Jeri exclaimed, whipping out his wallet and handing $30 to the attendant.

"Alright, why don't we go home girl."

ooc: Adopting one of the Level 1 Female Girafarig, please! $30!
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