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Lv. 01 (F) Vulpix ($30)
No special moves.
Keith couldn't help but smile as he entered the Adoption Center. It was far less crowded than last time, now that the likes of the Larvesta, the Dratini, and the Aerodactyl had been adopted. But even so, there were still gems to find in the Adoption Center beyond the ultra-popular species of Pokémon, Keith knew. Hell, his Qwilfish, Venomoth, Crobat, Stunfisk, and Tympole were living proof of this.

He wandered in, looking around. There were a fair amount of Shuppet, a species Keith had become somewhat partial to in years past... there was one Horsea that looked somehow stronger than anything else in there... a Koffing, a Qwilfish... he even recognized one as a Binacle, a species of Pokémon he'd seen before and remembered as being pretty cool...


Keith looked down at the source of the voice, and he couldn't help but smile even wider- a small brownish-reddish fox with multiple tails had walked up to him, and was nuzzling his leg. He knew what this was, but out came the Pokédex in any case.

"Vulpix- Normal Form- the Fox Pokémon. A Fire-type. Vulpix can freely control fire, creating fiery orbs and sending them flying at its enemies. As its body grows larger, its six warm tails become more beautiful with a more luxurious coat of fur, and just before evolving, the tails grow as hot as fire."

Keith chuckled, scooping the Vulpix into his arms. "Well, you're a cute one," he said. "And you know something- I've trained a fair amount of Fire-types before, so I think I'd do well with you. My name's Keith. What do you think, Vulpix- want to come with me?"

"Vul... Pix! Vulpix!" Vulpix yapped happily, before licking Keith's face. Keith laughed as the licking tickled his face, having gotten all the answer he needed and then some.

"Heh heh... OK, I take that as a yes," he grinned as Vulpix stopped licking him. "Seems to me all you need now is a nickname, hm? Lemme see... whoa," he murmured, catching sight of the front window- the clouds from earlier had dispersed completely, giving way to bright sunlight. "Wow- it wasn't that sunny out earlier," he stated.

"Vul! Vulpix vul!" Vulpix replied, sounding rather pleased with herself.

"Wh... Vulpix, did you do that?" Keith asked, sounding rather impressed. By way of an answer, the Pokédex spoke up.

"Vulpix's Hidden Ability- Drought. Vulpix is able to summon intense sunlight by its mere presence. Usually only activates in battle, but it can be triggered in non-combat situations."

"Alright, that's pretty handy," Keith grinned. "I mean, hey, as long as you don't stop it from raining at least occasionally, right? Sometimes rain is necessary, yeah?"

"Vul," nodded Vulpix.

"Well, considering this little talent you got... what say we name you Sunny?" Keith suggested. He then laughed, for by way of an answer, Vulpix started licking him again. "Ha ha- OK, yeah, that's a yes," he laughed. "Ha- oh, I think we're gonna be good friends," he smiled. He produced from his backpack a Premier Ball and offered it to Sunny, who cutely pressed one of her front paws to the button, allowing herself to be caught with no trouble.

Satisfied with what he was about to walk out of the Adoption Center with, Keith first walked over to the counter, intent on paying for his new Vulpix.

OOC: Adopting the level 1 female Normal Form Vulpix, putting her in the first of five Premier Balls, naming her Sunny, and declaring her Ability to be Drought. Payment: 30
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