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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
~Please reply in Slategray~

The Park

Monster Guy:
"Shaana, use Hypnosis on him, quick..." you whisper to your partner. The Munna focusses and locks eyes with the woman’s assailant. A strange presence is felt in the room and you can hear the soft hypnotic chime emanating from your Pokémon’s mouth.

“Stay back!” the man shouted. “Or I’ll..I’ll..I’ll…” His voice trails off and his eyes slowly drop. His knife slips out of his slack hands and the woman quickly pushes herself away. Shortly thereafter the man gives a thud as his body drops to the floor in a snooze. The woman clutches her chest and gives a sigh of relief. “Thank the Elder Dragon.”

“Angela!” a voice shouts from up ahead. Two other men, clad in the same robed outfit as the woman you were with, ran up to you, with worried expressions leading them as they came close. Two smaller shadows emerge beside them and you recognise them to be two Pokémon;

The group closes in in a hurry and quickly exchange glances from the woman, to the knocked out man on the floor, to you, and finally back to the woman. “Angela, are you okay?” said one of them.

“What happened here?” asked the other.

“I’m fine,” she assures them, “thanks to this young man here and his Munna.” The two turn to you; the one with the Riolu by his side grabs your hand and shakes it (or bows if you don’t accept the handshake). “Thank you so much kind sir. The name’s Marcus.”

“I’m Francis,” the other extends his hand to you.

“What happened?” the woman now identified as Angela asks them.

“It’s another one of those poor, wretched souls,” says the man who introduced himself as Marcus. “ The ones who’ve turned mad.”

“He managed to escape,” said Francis, “we ran after him. We were afraid he might have gotten to you before we did.”

“I see,” she says reassuringly. “Still, I don’t understand why Father Desadayus would even want to bother with these unfortunate souls. Their minds are far gone and they’re a threat. If they want to go, we should be relieved that we’re getting rid of them.”

“You know Father Desadayus,” Marcus protested, “he has a soft and kind spirit. Too much so. He wants to help all those he can. It’s better than having to leave them on their own.”

She gives a small scoff of frustration. “It will be the death of him.” Her expression concedes. “Very well, I suppose it’s best we bring this man back before he wakes up.”

“What about him?” Francis looks at you.

“I think he’s another one of those lost souls who’ve come wandering in. I was about to bring him to Father Desadayus. I thought he might know what to do.”

“Oh yes!” both Marcus and Francis light up. “Father Desadayus will know exactly what to do. This hasn’t been the first time after all that this has happened.” They each grab an arm of the unconscious man and carry nd carry him. “Follow us, we’ll bring you to Father Desadayus. It’s the least we can do after you saved Angela.”

How do you react (to everything)?
Much to Leo's, and certainly the mystery woman's relief, the Hypnosis worked. The crazy man fell to the floor, out like a light, before anybody actually got hurt.

Then, two mysterious voices called out for somebody named Angela. Obviously, that was probably the name of the woman who had found him, but Leo couldn't help giggling. For a minute, he had thought two strangers were calling out for his Togetic! The new voices belonged to two men, wearing robes similar to what the lady who he knew was named Angela, ran up to the group, looking worried. Two smaller shadows appeared beside them and Leo recognised them to be two Pokémon Leo liked very much. A Ralts and a Riolu. As much as Leo wanted to fawn over the cute Pokemon, now was probably not the time for it.

After making sure that their friend was unharmed, the man with the Riolu by his side shook Leo's hand, which he took, and introduced himself as Marcus. Leo also shook hands with the other man whose name was Francis.

Then, there was more conversation between the robed people. Apparently, some crazy person had escaped from their care, and there was somebody named Father Desadayus involved. All of this made Leo wonder exactly what has happening down here. Angela had mentioned something about a church before, but why have a church in some dark and mysterious place like this. This was a combination of weird and exciting all rolled up into one.

The men picked up the unconscious guy, and told Leo to follow him. They said they would bring him to Father Desadayus. He would probably know some way to get back home.

In the meantime though, Leo decided to make some small talk along the way. "So, you're name is Angela? That's funny, I have a Togetic named that!" He said with a laugh "My name is Leo! Anyway, um... I guess I should ask first, where exactly am I?"

Meanwhile, Leo's Munna and Scraggy were still following their trainer. They were just as confused about this situation as he was. He decided to return them both to the safety of their respective Poke balls for the moment. If only to keep them out of harms way. For all they knew, another crazy person could attack them out of the blue.
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