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Originally Posted by Schala View Post
Question for mods and/or Raves about the wishlist thread. If you have multiple characters, are you allowed to separate the lists by character, as long as it follows the rules (in a single post and without prioritizing Pokemon/items)?
That is fine with me, personally.

Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
I know the subject's been discussed, and that it's the way pretty much everyone was leaning if I'm remembering right, but just to be sure before I start using the TMs I got, are the restrictions on TM compatibility officially removed?

Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I have quite a few Pokémon who ended up with new abilities in later generations (not Hidden abilities, just new second abilities). Would I be able to change my old Pokémon to pick these up?
As long as the abilities weren't confirmed in a zone, sure. They likely weren't anyways though.

Originally Posted by MedMana View Post
How are the Pledge attacks going to labeled now? They were treated like Advanced Moves under the last administration, but aren't mentioned in the Move Tutor's OP.
AMs will be added in once we have a Happiness system in place.
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