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Looking to Hire: Updators for the Cloud Garden!

Hello friends, the Cloud Garden is officially back in business! I'm looking to take on 1-2 ZUs to assist me with running the zone, and maybe a third depending on demand. Much like the other zones, I'm looking for people with decent roleplaying experience and lots of creativity. Here are some specifics that I'm looking for, to those who are interested:

• First of all, please tell introduce yourself. It's been a while since I've been around so a little introduction might go a long way.
• Additionally, I would like to see an example update to an introductory post. Please come up with a hypothetical updatee's introductory post to the zone and how you would update it.
• Please tell me any thoughts or ideas you might have for future updates you would like to give people at the Cloud Garden. Also, if you feel like you have any ideas you would like to implement, all are welcome and will be credited, even if you aren't hired.
• Finally, be ready for a follow up; where I might throw some hypothetical situations at you and would like to see how you would react to them.

Feel free to contact me via PM or on discord. I go by "Gary" in the UPN group. Thank you and have a nice day! :]
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