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Well, until the Candy Store becomes a thing, this is still the place to do this, so... Rare Candy get.

Oh, and before I forget, feeding the Candy I got here, the Candy from last week, and these four Rare Candies obtained here, to Stewie, my level 94 Shadow Ledian.

*Stewie was elevated to level 100!*


Stewie cackled evilly as he scarfed down the Rare Candies. Though the Fizzytopia region was recovering quite nicely from the recent political anarchy, there were still some key facilities missing. Among said missing facilities, a dedicated storage facility for Rare Candies. Even after the sweet treats fell out of favor as a form of currency, the prospect of a building for Trainers to safely store their sugary stockpiles remained an attractive one. Indeed, plans for a new one were in the works... but until then, Keith Masters could not reliably store the Rare Candies he obtained. This would prove very bad for him, and precisely because it would prove very, very good for one Shadow Ledian.

"Finally," Stewie cackled. "My power level has reached its absolute zenith at last! It's been a long wait, but the hat man's insipid training techniques have proven worth my while to endure! I may not know every last Shadow technique there is, but I know the ones I'll need to make the plan succeed. Yes, yes... Soon, all the world will kneel before Stewie! Victory is mine!"
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