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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
New Fizz City
The Greater Fizzby Metropolitan Zone

~Please initially post in Gray~

Newly renamed after the turmoil that gripped the region had settled, New Fizz City shines as a beacon of the region’s new future. Sprawling for miles across the land and stretching up into the sky, New Fizz City is truly the pinnacle of a metropolis. In this city that never sleeps, there’s so much to do and see you’d be hard-pressed to have a boring time.

Downtown – The Business & Entertainment Districts

The Municipal Plaza: Located right at the heart of the city, the Municipal Plaza holds many of the buildings necessary for a city to run, among them the main Municipal Building – home to the Mayor of New Fizz City, Jules Brown – and the central police headquarters. Additionally, at the center of the plaza is the Fizzygarden Park, a popular gathering point among trainers and tourists alike. Like much of the city urban Pokémon are common, though in the Park a much larger variety is also found.

Kawaii was not normally a people person, yet strolling through the park made her feel calm. Maybe is was the fact that her first Fizzytopian friendship was made in a park or maybe it was just that nature calmed her down. Whatever it was she was happy. Her constant companion Frieghya,the espeon, was beside her. Their footsteps matching exactly even though one of them had two more legs than the other. The two were connected since the day they met and even breathed in sync.
Even so Kawaii was constantly on the lookout for new pokemon. She never had any specific ones in mind. In fact, the pink haired trainer took in any and all pokemon in need. She knew that someday she wanted to be a pokemon breeder so that she could care for all different kinds if pokemon.
The pink-ette stopped and smiled as an idea came for her. She closed her eyes and radomly selected one. Out popped a small metal creature. It was an Aron named Erin. He was wearing a black fedora and would tip his hat to any lady pokenon who passed them. His trainer giggled every time he did so. Eventually she stopped in a shady spot and lay down on her back. The gentle breeze blew through the tree branches above her. Her loyal Espeon took her place laying on her trainer's tummy while Erin curled up in the grass just beside her.
Kawaii closed her eyes and let her thoughts wander untill she didn't know if she was alseep or meditating. That was just the way she liked it.

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