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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
[CENTER]The Minnao Isles

A small island plopped a short ways away from the mainland of Fizzytopia, the Minnao Isles are a sparsely populated set of tiny islands known for peaceful waters and gentle weather. Something about the islands offer Water-typed Pokemon a home, and as a result, recent efforts have begun to promote it to trainers and common people as an excellent fishing location. These efforts are led by Thomas Wilkson, a frequent visitor of the island with his two children, Alden and Sara, on fishing trips. He’s often been quoted to say that the Minnao Isles are the nicest place he’s ever been to, and is always willing to help with new travelers to the islands.

However, travelers should be aware of the recent conflict. The native Minnao people of the island have begun to notice their Pokemon companions becoming more distant from them, and the old sacred lands are becoming overrun with tourists. While they are not opposed to new visitors, they are becoming increasingly concerned that construction of new settlements is ruining their connection to Manaphy, the patron Pokemon of the Minnao. These people can often be found by following carvings on trees and rocks of a fish-shaped symbol.

Whether you're​ just here for a peaceful fishing trip or to contribute to the island, we welcome you to the Isles. Have a great trip!

Orta Lake: In the middle of the island, Orta Lake lives as a natural freshwater habitat and is one of the most popular fishing spots on the island. Fishing operations here are led by Jack and Maie Ruddson, in addition to healthy fishing habits. They operate a small fishing shack near the lake with their son, Mason. Any of the three are more than willing to show anyone, Minnao or traveler, the ropes of fishing. Please respond in fuchsia. This area is intended for Quick adventures.
Jayson had arrived on the Minnao Isles just a few days ago and so far he had done nothing eventful. At first he was more than happy just to relax on the beach with his Pokemon, attempting to get a tan but failing miserably. His skin now blistering red with sunburn, Jayson decided to make his way into the middle of the main island, having heard from some locals of a nice freshwater lake. Atalanta, Jayson's starter, flew ahead of him as she scouted ahead for the best path to take. The Rowlett was becoming accustomed to her role, she seemed to enjoy having a purpose outside of battle.

With Atalanta scouting ahead, it didn't take the pair of them long to find their destination. They soon found themselves standing on the edge of a large freshwater lake, surely full of water Pokemon. Jayson had recently acquired a Water-type Pokemon, however at its current stage it was far from useful. Unclipping the pokeball from his belt, Jayson tossed it out over the water. The ball bursts open and an orange fish crashes into the water. The Magikarp swims over to the water's edge and stares at Jayson with his big, beady eyes.

"Hello Jormungand, how is the water?" Jayson stares at the Magikarp as it gulps in reply. He really needed to push the fish, he knew of the hidden potential it held but it seemed like it would take forever to get it there. Looking around the banks of the lake, Jayson could see a small shack not too far away. Perhaps someone there would be able to help him train Jormungand.
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