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Connor – After coming to the conclusion that investigating those voices is obviously the most logical choice you begin to put an escape plan in place with your Pokemon just in case. Once everyone understands the plan you begin to cautiously make your way toward the left most tunnel where the voices are coming from. When you look down the tunnel you can see that there is light in the far distance. The light looks like it’s around a sharp turn but it’s definitely there. You make your way toward the light and the voices slowly start to become clearer.

“You are outnumbered so if I were you I’d speak up.”

“Pffffft HAHAHA!!”

It sounds like someone may be in danger so you begin to speed up while also being careful not to give yourself away. You finally make it to the area the light is coming from but you keep yourself hidden around the corner and carefully peek in. You see three men, one of them is wearing a blue tshirt and baggy black jeans and is backed against a wall with a big grin on his face. He looks like he is trying to contain his laughter. Next to him is a brightly glowing Solrock which is obviously where the light is coming from. The other two people are wearing red uniforms and are much more well dressed, they are clearly working together to interrogate him. Those two don’t appear to have any Pokemon out but you can clearly see they have pokeballs on their belts. You don’t want to act rashly so you decide to just observe for now. One of the red uniformed men roughly grabs the guys blue t-shirt and pulls him in with a snarl on his face.

“Listen to me. You are going to tell me exactly what it is you Ribs found if you know what’s good for you.”

The man who is clearly with the gang called the Ribs begins to laugh, “Hahaha! Ya’ll ‘re a riot! All ya’ll Shells can go ta hell!” and then he proceeds to spit in the Shell members face.

The Shell throws him on the ground and after he wipes the spit from his face you notice an unsettling smirk come across it as he reaches for one of the pokeballs from his belt. “Oh, that’s fine. I’ll just find it myself.” He raises his arm to throw his pokeball but then at that exact moment your arm is grabbed from behind and you feel something placed on one of your wrists with a metallic click. Your Pokemon immediately see that you’re threatened and spring into action. Joss uses Chatter and the sounds begin to echo loudly down the tunnels, Samson lets out Poison Gas and the gas starts to fill up the confined space rapidly.

“*cough* What the hell *hack* is going on!?” It’s the voice of the Shell who was about to throw the pokeball, you could barely hear it over the chatter but still made out that much. The sounds of coughing mixed with the chatter echo everywhere and although you are confused since you know the men you were watching didn’t see you, holding your breath, you turn around to make your getaway. However that is short lived as you’re yanked back, your wrist is clearly attached to something.

“*hack hack* GUST!!” The Shell shouts and now there is a strong wind blowing the gas away, nearly knocking you over in the process. After all of the gas has cleared out it finally goes quiet again. Looking at your wrist you can now see that you are actually handcuffed to another person. And since now you are apparently no longer hidden and are standing directly in the Solrocks line of light you can also clearly see that the person you’re attached to is a marshal with an adorable cotton Swirlix on his shoulder. “Alright boys you’re busted!” The marshal yells. “It’s the feds! I’m outta here!” The Rib member uses that moment to take off deeper into the mine with his Solrock following after him.

As the Solrock begins to leave so does the light, so the marshal turns to his Swirlix, "Junior Detective Creampuff, use Flash.” The Swirlix’s entire body begins to glow, lighting up the area once again. The two Shells members still remain standing there and it is now that you notice there is also a Flygon with them as well. The one member that has been doing all of the talking this entire time glaces at your connected wrists. “I know that you marshals never operate alone so we’re going to go ahead and take our leave while you’re still a bit held up dealing with that. Lets go boys!” The Shells and the Flygon run past you both.

“Wait!!” The marshal shouts and begins to chase them but is immediately slowed down because he has to drag you with him while the handcuffs dig into your wrists so the Shells get much farther ahead. The Shell looks back with that same smirk you noticed earlier. “Call this a farewell gift!” With that final statement a Voltorb begins to glow in front of you both.

"GET BACK!" The marshal turns back around, grabbing your arm to pull you along with him so that the handcuffs don’t dig into your wrists further. *BOOM* The explosion knocks you both over and you get even more mud on your suit but otherwise you're fine. Your Pokemon have been behind you this entire time so they are also safe. The entire mine is now shaking uncontrollably and the part of the tunnel where the explosion went off has caved in. You aren’t able to stand and are forced to remain in the mud until the shaking subsides. “Damn!!” The marshal slams his fist against the wall and then stands up along with you. “Well at least I still caught you.”

He finally turns to you and gives you a good long look up and down. Sophie wastes no time and explains to him that you're not with them. “Well, I guess that's easy to believe if you’re dressed in that formal get up! Arrrgghhh!!" He lets out a frustrated yell as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a key. “Listen, I don’t know what your type is doing in this here mine but you chose the wrong place to be spelunking in.” He begins to explain as he unlocks the handcuffs. “Welp, that should do it.” He puts the handcuffs away and rubs his wrist. He then pulls out a radio, “Lieutenant, come in.” as he begins to speak into the radio the only thing answering back is pure static. He bangs it against the wall a few times and is still getting nothing but static. “Damn! No signal.” He lets out a loud sigh and wipes away sweat from his brow in annoyance before turning back to you. “Look, this place is highly contested by the gangs that have been taking over these parts. I’m going to be completely honest with you, it’s very dangerous to be here.” He then begins to rub his face against the Swirlix on his shoulder and it puts a big smile on his face, making you a bit uncomfortable. “I’m Detective Thornhammer and this is Junior Detective Creampuff. He and I are gonna keep heading in deeper after that fella that got away. I left my partner back at the entrance and I’m sure he apprehended those slimy Shells and is working on digging us out of here. You can hang back and wait for him or dig yourself out. I can’t waste anymore time so I’m going on ahead!” and with that Detective Thornhammer began to run deeper into the mine all alone with his Pokemon.
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