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I've been doing a nuzlocke of Pokemon Black because I realized the Gen V games were the only ones I havent nuzz'd yet.

Boy, it's been rough. I've pulled off deathless runs fairly regularly before, but this is... not that.

I'm exiting Pinwheel forest right now. Cress killed both my Lillipup and my Patrat, while Lenora killed by Liepard.

Layla: Level 22 Female Pignite
Calvin: Level 21 Male Pansage
Sandra: Level 22 Female Tranquill
Matilda: Level 21 Female Roggenrola
Tina: Level 21 Female Timburr
Bill: Level 21 Male Panpour


Patty: Level 10 Female Lillipup (Lillipup Bite Crit + Flinch, Lillipup Tackle Crit)
Rita: Level 11 Female Patrat (Lillipup Tackle Crit)
Dhani: Level 20 Male Liepard (Herdier Take Down crit)

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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