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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
Gemini Spark (1/3) ~please post in paletuquoise
With a bit of difficulty you manage to roll the egg out of its icy home by the tips of your fingers. The smooth and cold touch of the egg warmed slightly within the palms of your hands and you knew instinctively that that meant the egg was about to hatch. You had never seen one occur in real time before and you anxiously sit down and warm up the egg further in anticipation of obtaining a new partner and witnessing the birth of life first-hand. Your Ninetales closes in, the heat from her body radiating onto the egg’s shell and providing the last necessary catalyst. The egg wobbles and cracks. One by one, rectangles with sharp corners shed themselves off until the shell was so instable the Pokémon within burst out to greet you. The icy armadillo skips out of her eggy base and proceeds to flop belly-down on an icy patch to skid into the entrance of the igloo, disappearing away from you out of fright. You could only proceed by trying to coax the Pokémon back out.

A little later, after getting the new Pokémon out of its home, a girl walks out of one of the icy corridors, a newly hatched, and nervous, Vulpix held within her arms. The two of you greet and spend some time together – the Sandshrew and Vulpix getting along perfectly - before one of your Pokémon points out two baskets against the cave wall, one each addressed to you and the girl known as Jess.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Female Alolan Sandshrew
- 1 Icium Z or Steelium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
As Hyrem sat the egg in his lap, he could tell the egg was about to hatch and started rubbing it in an effort to give it the warmth it needed. Ahri moved even closer, her face very close to the egg, and the general warmth of her Fire-type body, as well as the heat of her breath, seemed to be what pushed the egg to reveal the contents inside it, piece by rectangular piece. Finally, the creature inside began to stir, a rodent looking animal with small, sharp claws on its arms and legs and covered completely in a white shell, only its cream belly and blue eyes deviating from the rest of its body. Before he could whip out his Pokedex, however, the Pokemon scampered out of his lap and slid on its belly until she was back in the strange ice cave. "Aw, it's okay, don't be scared, we just want to see you!" Hyrem called out to the cave, crawling up to the entrance to find it laying flat on its belly with its hands covering its face, not wanting anything to disturb it. He took this opportunity to take out his Pokedex and get a read on this new Pokemon since it didn't look like it was going anywhere:

Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokemon. This is the alternate form of the species, first discovered in the Alola region. They live in snowy mountains and travel by sliding on ice using their bellies. This inspired a sport that originated in Alolan festivals called curling that is now used in international events during winter. Unlike other species of Sandshrew, these Pokemon developed shells on their back that are as hard as steel and therefore cannot curl their bodies into a ball to protect themselves.

“Wow, that’s cool! So apparently there’s two types of Sandshrew? Wonder where I can find the other one…” He let his mind wander for a moment, having never seen in person what Sandshrew look like normally (you’ve seen them in books, right!?) before snapping out of it. “Oh yeah, I should probably get this one out of her cave…” Putting away his Pokedex, he bent down his face so he could see the Ice-type again. “It’s okay, there’s nothing to be scared of,” he said. “Nine~” added Ahri, peeking through the entrance as well, though it seemed when Sandshrew was aware of the Ninetales’s presence she withdrew even further, and Hyrem soon realized why:

“Oh, I bet she recognizes you’re a Fire-type!” He checked the Pokedex entry again, and, sure enough, this species of Sandshrew was classified as Ice/Steel, both types considered vulnerable to Fire and doubly so when combined together. “Yeah, that might be why she’s really afraid, she can’t stand being around you! Sorry girl, you’ll have to back off for now.” Ahri whimpered, sad to discover that this new Pokemon that just hatched out of her egg wouldn’t have anything to do with her. She padded away from the area and out of sight with her tails lowered (though not quite touching the ice), hoping that her trainer’s thinking would be enough to draw out the rodent. “It’s okay, the scary, hot Pokemon is gone now, you can come out~” The Sandshrew peeked through her claws at the trainer, but still she refused to slide her way out of the igloo. “Hm, still not enough,” he muttered. “What am I going to do? I don’t even know what food she might like...”

Nine nine!” Ahri barked, noticing someone new and tried to make Hyrem aware of them. He got up and saw a woman holding a cute fox that looked strangely like what Ahri used to be, along with a Vanillite and a Spheal. As they drew closer, he recognized the woman as Jess, another older trainer he thought had left Fizzy Bubbles for good. “Hi Jess, how are you doing?” he called out to her.
"Hey, Hyrem," she called back, seemingly stuffed up with tissues in her nose. "Fancy meeting you here. It's been a while, whatcha up to?"
“Oh, I was looking for an egg and found one that hatched into a Sandshrew, an Ice-type one, but she got spooked by Ahri being around her and went back into that little house there where I found her. Now I can’t get her out!”

She bent down to have a look at the Alolan Sandshrew, the Spheal joining her but only making the baby even more withdrawn with his noises. Then the Vanillite pointed to her trainer’s backpack, but before she could take it off, the familiar looking Pokemon squirmed, wanting to stay in her arms, so she turned to Hyrem. "Do you mind holding her? She seems to like being carried."
“That sounds familiar,” Hyrem chuckled, looking to the Ninetales before accepting the bundle of soft fur and tails and letting Jess try to coax the Alolan Sandshrew out. “And you look familiar,” he said to the kit looking up at him from his arms as he carefully reached for his Pokedex again to scan the creature:

Vulpix, the Fox Pokemon, and an alternate form of the species, first discovered in the Alola region. Referred to by older locals of Alola as “Keokeo”, it can cool its body during hot weather by releasing small, harmless ice shards around itself to form a refreshing spray. Its breath is well below the freezing point and can chill most foes on contact, making their movement sluggish.

“Wow, you really are an Ice-type Vulpix!” he said, starting to be enraptured by the baby Vulpix’s curious stare, her build revealed by the Pokedex to have longer legs and a slimmer build than other Vulpix did, presumably meant to be able to walk through snow without worrying about their belly brushing against the white powder they trod under. Ahri soon joins him and coos at the kit who coos back and starts nuzzling her. “Aw, you really like her, don’t you?” he noted, to which he got a “Nine nine~” from Ahri and then a rub from her wet nose, followed by a small lick to his neck before she and the baby looked at each other lovingly, the older Fire-type settling down with her front paws on Hyrem’s lap while the younger Ice-type began to nestle into the other’s chest fur.

As this happened, Hyrem looked up to check on his Alolan Sandshrew; it appeared Jess was successful in drawing her out by using a Casteliacone! “You did it, Jess! Wow, why didn’t I think of that, I have those too!” he muttered to himself, his hand reaching for the side of his head. “Now that I am thinking about them, however…” He carefully reached into his bag and pulled out one of his own Casteliacones (1/5) and presented it to her. “Since the Sandshrew over there got one, I think it’s only fair you get one too,” he explained. The arctic kit inspected this treat, exactly the same as the one given to the Alolan Sandshrew, and took a small taste of it before squealing in delight and taking a bigger bite out of it. She then looks at Ahri, who couldn’t help but reveal her own mouth watering at the sight of the tasty dessert. “Vulpix~” the baby cooed again, nudging the cone towards her as if offering her to partake as well. “Niiine~” said Ahri before she took her own bite out of the cone and nudged it back, although not completely toward the baby fox. It seemed they agreed to share this one, and all Hyrem did was hold the treat in his hand and watched as the pair took measured bites out of the cone so there wouldn’t be too much left on their faces. As they worked, he could feel some of the ice cream melt and trickle down his hand and some of the cone crumble and stick to the melted ice cream as well; once the foxes had finished off the bottom of the cone, they were all too happy to put their tongues to work licking every last drop of ice cream and every last crumb of cone off of the young man’s hand. “Hey, that tickles!” he could only laugh, as every attempt to move his hand caused it to be gently nipped by Ahri, holding it in place while the younger one tasted the new hand. Once both were sure the hand was completely clean, they licked their lips to get the last of the taste left, both fully enjoying the treat.

At that point, the Alolan Vulpix’s attention was grabbed by the Alolan Sandshrew and the Spheal sliding around the ice and snow in some sort of race, with the Vanillite making challenges for the other Pokemon by using Ice-type attacks to create obstacles for them, and for the first time she leapt out of Hyrem’s lap and took her first steps on the ice, wanting to join in on the fun. She beckoned Ahri to join with her, but the Ninetales shook her head, respectfully declining out of fear of getting any sort of blemish on her fur coat. The Vulpix left to play with the other Ice-types anyway and had a lot of fun doing so while Ahri looked on with a longing for the little kit.

I wish she was the one that hatched from our egg, Hyrem heard a voice inside his head which startled him. Who...who is that? he asked in his own thoughts, looking around for the source. Ahri perked up and started looking around as well. Who said that!? That’s not my mind, and not Sera’s either, he heard, again in the same, soft voice. About a minute of this ensued, and finally Hyrem and Ahri looked at each other. Wh- that you, Ahri? he asked.
Master? came the reply. I-I heard a voice wanting that Vulpix to be with us. Was that your voice?
I heard exactly the same thing! the thought flashed in his own mind. Wait...does this mean…

We can hear each other’s thoughts?

That time, the idea came to his mind at exactly the same time that he heard the voice, and that moment was a conclusive piece of evidence on the matter. Now Hyrem’s mind was linked with Ahri’s just as his was with Sera’s! It must have just happened right as they were thinking of exactly the same thought as each other. Well, this is new, he thought. I figured this kind of thing only worked between me and Sera. Ahri quickly regained her composure and gave a typical fox’s grin. Oh, darling, surely you know I have a good amount of Psychic abilities, yes?
That’s true, I guess, he mused. But is that what’s really going on? Or can I do this with anyone?
I wouldn’t know, that’s something we’ll have to find out sometime, Ahri’s voice tickled his mind with how soft it rang, and the Ninetales grabbed onto his shoulders with her paws, allowing him to look her in the eyes before continuing. But for now, I appreciate this new gift we have. After all, now I’ll know without a doubt when my human has forgotten to bathe himself. She then gave him a slow, gentle lick to the chin before she said, Like today~?
Erk, I was really hoping you wouldn’t notice that! he thought.
It’s fine, I’ll let this slight pass as we are in the presence of company, she sighed, lifting her paws off his shoulders and letting her claws click the ice. I do hope from now on, however, that you’ll learn to be more...vigilant. A small flame escaped her mouth as she slowly licked her lips, whether that was for one more attempt to get some sort of ice cream flavor left or to show that her threat was serious, before sauntering off towards Jess in an effort to get some attention out of the other trainer.

One of the Pokemon playing around was able to help Hyrem focus on something else, namely the two baskets filled to the brim with goodies, one with Jess’s name on it and the other with his own. Two of the things in his basket caught his attention in particular: a special looking bracelet and a gray crystal with the symbol of a cube with different looking textures on each side. These were revealed to be a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal; as the trainer wears the Z-Ring and a Pokemon holds a Z-Crystal, all the trainer need do is strike a specific pose, and the Pokemon unleashes a very powerful Z-Move that can only be used once by that Pokemon per battle. It sounded a lot like Mega Evolution, except it was for an instant, devastating attack, rather than a transformation that altered the Pokemon itself. Well, he wasn’t about to say no to that, so he fit the Z-Ring on the arm that didn’t sport the Mega Ring and the Key Stone fitted in it, though he saved the crystal, known as Steelium Z, until he could figure out what to do with it. He then took the basket and walked with Jess, keeping the Pokeball provided to him on hand until the Sandshrew was ready to hop inside it. Until then, he was content talking with Jess, helping each other catch up on what happened to them since they last met while also interacting with their new Ice-type Pokemon. (Sandshrew, while having gotten over her fears at this point, was still impossible to pick up, not because she was unwilling, but because she weighed almost 90 lbs.! That’s one hefty baby!) In addition, the same thought continued to bounce around Ahri and Hyrem’s head: this new Vulpix would be perfect as a new member to the family. And it would continue to bounce around until the two trainers got off the island, when they could discuss a possible trade between their hatchlings…

{Thanks everyone! I’m excited for what lilblue and I both hatched! It just turned out that we both got what the other wanted, and I’m happy it worked out that way! my ending is more adorable tho Happy super late Easter everyone!!}

Event Capture!! A Lv. 1 Female Alolan Sandshrew has joined your party!

Steelium Z
TM Aurora Veil
3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
Bunny Suit

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