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Since arriving in Fizzytopia, Athena hadn't taken a chance to explore all that much. Ever curious, she had taken the day to find something interesting. Her partner, Eclair, trotted loyally beside her, fighting the urge to nab any of the goods off of the shopfronts they passed. The Mawile knew she would get an earful from her trainer if she even lingered in front of a table of fruits for too long.

"Adoption Center Grand Re-Opening?" Athena read the sign above the building. She took a look in through the window, it was busy inside. The door opened with a jingle and a trainer walked out, holding a Pokeball and grinning. Athena gave the trainer a friendly smile as she walked past them through the open door. She stood in the entryway, unsure of where to start. The receptionist counter had a long line in front of it, and volunteers were rushing around looking far too busy to answer any questions. She located an informative sign on the wall. $30 for the general adoption fee was pretty reasonable, and she had plenty of Pokedollars to spend.

Athena and Eclair followed a sign for kennels. It seemed Pokemon were organized alphabetically. Not looking for anything in particular, she walked slowly down the hallways gazing into each enclosure. Each time a Pokemon approached the front of their enclosure to call out to her, she felt herself getting more and more worried. She could only adopt one for now, but her heart ached for the ones that wouldn't get to go home today.

P, Q, R, S... Athena still didn't see any Pokemon that really caught her eye. She knew she had to be a bit picky today. She didn't want to get the wrong one and end up just putting it back up for adoption if she was unable to properly train it. As a new trainer, she didn't want anything that was too hard to handle.

WHAM Athena jumped at the sudden loud noise. Eclair stepped in front of her trainer with a battle-ready pose. They both looked towards the source. A small, yellow Pokemon sat in the middle of its enclosure rubbing it's round head. There was a small dent on the wall where it had head butted it. Athena crouched down in front of the Pokemon's enclosure.

"Trying to break out?" Athena asked. The Pokemon turned to look at her, wide eyed. Athena couldn't help but burst out laughing at the dumb grin on the lizard Pokemon's face.

"Scra!" The yellow Pokemon looked excited to get the attention. It jumped up and looked Athena in the eyes as if to say Are you watching? Immediately it ran itself into the wall again, increasing the size of the dent in the wall.

"Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" Athena gasped. The Pokemon looked at her again with a dazed grin. "I guess you have a pretty strong head... Well it looks like you really want to get out of here huh?" She took a look at the card on the enclosure.

Scraggy (M) Lv. 1

"Scraggy..." Athena read aloud. The Scraggy stood up and adjusted the pants-like skin around his legs. "Want to come along with me then? I know how you feel, wanting to get out of a small place like this!"

The Scraggy gave her another dumb looking grin and nodded furiously. His pants slipped again and he scrambled to pull them back up. Athena laughed. Eclair, who had been eyeing the Scraggy skeptically up until now seemed to relax. She was glad her trainer was making a connection with this new Pokemon.

Athena flagged down a nearby volunteer. "Um, sorry to bother you, but could I get this Scraggy?" As the volunteer prepared the necessary paperwork, she looked back at her new friend.

"You need a nickname! You look like a... Monte?" The Scraggy's light yellow color reminded her of the Kalosian sandwich she often served at the cafe. The Scraggy head butted the wall again in glee.

Paying the $30 and placing the Scraggy in a Pokeball

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